Erik Perez inks lucrative 6-fight contract with the UFC


Erik Perez continues to make waves in the UFC at Bantamweight, today inking a 6-fight contract that will make him one of the highest-paid bantamweight fighters in MMA history.

The UFC’s only Mexican-born fighter is currently unbeaten inside the octagon, last seen defeating Byron Bloodworth via TKO at UFC 155. The announcement comes courtesy of his management agency VFD Marketing. Perez spoke up about his goals as a martial artist:

”I’m very proud to fight in the UFC. My goal is to become a champion, and I will work extremely hard in the gym and inside the Octagon to reach it.”

It appears that his hard work is already beginning to pay off, as he is set to make $18,000 to both win and show, a huge number for a UFC bantamweight. Perez will fight next at UFC 159, facing off against former TUF alum Johnny Bedford.

With the contract, Perez cements himself as a mainstay in the 135 lb. arena, looking to eventually face off with division rulers Dominick Cruz and Renan Barao. The lighter weight divisions in the UFC are beginning to fill up with new and exciting talent, and Perez is at the forefront of this movement.

Erik Perez is an extremely humble, talented, and motivated fighter. His record finish of Ken Stone at UFC 150 introduced him to the world in a big way last August. Now, he looks to take his recognition to an all-new level, and this new contract is a huge step towards that goal.

  • I don't understand how the lighter weight classes can really be paid so little do they really pull that many fewer PPV's than LHW or WW ?
    I find they are some of the most exciting fights that there are.

    • I agree. $18,000? That's horrible for a pro fighter. The UFC should definitely be paying their fighters more based on skills and rankings, not popularity.

      • @Bryan, your rationale is flawed. No one is putting a gun to this guy's head and saying you have to take this salary; they're free to try and go elsewhere or to enter into another profession — that's the supply side of labor. On the demand side, the UFC or other MMA organizations would be willing to pay him more IF they felt he were worth more. They essentially are in competition for the talent, so if he were worth more than the $18,000 then some organization somewhere would see that and bid that price up to something higher.

        • @Clownshoes….fighting is a dangerous sport and $18,000 doesn't cut it when others guys walk out to the tune of $250,000 with PPV bonuses.

          Fighting is a short career like alot of other sports, but these guys cop alot of damage over their careers. I undersatnd there is a economic basis and you can't pay every guy a million dollars, however, $18,000 for a professional athlete is not alotof money after training expenses, nutrition, taxes etc.

          • No it's not. If that doesn't "cut it" for him then he doesn't have to do it, yet he is doing it for that amount. That's what you have to understand about this voluntary exchange situation.

          • @Clownshoes….I think its more involuntary because the athletes hang onto the hope of finally getting to the top and getting PPV so they settle for less with promises that often never come to fruition….Lets face it….Michael Jordan was the star of Chicago Bulls, he was paid millions but so were his team mates. I understand your point of voluntary signing which is true, noone forced them but tell me that they are getting paid well for what they do on worldwide TV.

    • I dont want to disrespect or take something away from the lighter weight fighters,
      but i rather watch welterweight or higher, than the smaller fighters. I dont know what it is, but i just dont like watching them…
      Maybe it's the lack of power they possess, idk.

      With that said, maybe i'm not the only one who feels that way and they really draw a smaller amount of fewers?

    • lighter fighter should not be in the main event, they are very boring, specially in the bantam weight and flyweight. This weight classes are the chicken weight in the ufc.

  • Good For Erik Perez…. Awesome fighter..Yet he will need more then a luchador mask to beat a guy like Barao…

  • In the end, nothing is going to change unless the fighters do something about it.

    The lighter weight guys do draw less in MMA than the bigger guys do, but this is a bit sad that he's one of the higher paid guys at BW. Especially when he can be cut at any time.