Emotional Dominick Cruz talks injury, promises triumphant return


UFC Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz struggles to find his way back inside the Octagon, after another knee injury setback. Cruz torn his ACL back in May, and now will need another surgery after his body rejected one from a cadaver. In the meanwhile, Renan Barao was crowned the Interim UFC Bantamweight champion, and will face Michael McDonald (19-1) sometime next year.

Cruz spoke about the possibility of getting stripped off his UFC Bantamweight title, claiming that he hopes the UFC will give him a chance to defend the belt. The estimated time for Cruz’s return is six months, which means that we’ll see “The Dominator” towards the end of 2013.

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  • he should vacate the belt and get an immediate tittle fight after he returns

    • no
      thats what interim belts are for
      not just for 1 fight

  • Feel bad for the Cruz big time, missing out on nearly 2 years of his prime and perhaps (hopefully not) having to relinquish his belt.
    Some people hate on Dom but the man is a true champ and just gives it how he sees it

    • I can only imagine how this has to hurt him, not so much physically but emotionally. I know what's it like to be stopped in your tracks due to an injury, even though mine wasn't sports related, it just zaps the life right out of you, and staying mentally strong is the toughest part. I wish him all the best, he's seems to be a good dude.

  • Cruz is the man in that weight class. I really feel for the guy. In his prime, has the belt, avenged his defeat of the California Kid and defeated the new flyweight champion Mighty Mouse. Having one career ending surgery is bad, having two is like the death card for MMA fighters. Hope he recovers and continue at his current level. I know it will be very tough to come back, but only time will tell. Best of luck.

  • renan barao would of beat cruz anyways, 30 fight win streak, aldos training partner, over 20 knockouts. baraos here to stay and he is the REAL champ.

    • Until he beats the actual real champ he will be just an interim champion. Cruz is the real champ, too bad he will be out for so long. Barao has a tough test coming up in Michael Mcdonald.