What happened to King Mo? A spinning backfist.


In what could possibly be one of the biggest upsets of the year thus far, unknown Light-heavyweight Emanual Newton faced off against former Strikeforce 205lb Champion King Mo Lawal in the semi-final of a Light-heavyweight tournament at Bellator 90.

Newton shocked the entire arena at 2:35 of the first round. Newtown and Lawal had a brief exchange in which Newtwon turned his back causing Lawal to drop his hands with a false sense of temporary safety, only to be cracked instantly by a vicious, fast, well-timed and obviously unexpected spinning backfist.

Check out the highlight of the KO in this video.


  • I could watch that over and over. That over confident , too ****y wanna be royalty got what was coming to him.

  • this bellator was f***ing beatiful

    • @ Jako

      Actually, I thought it was better than The UFC's Saturday night PPV.

      And taking into consideration that the fight was free…dollar-for-dollar, Bellator was the more entertaining and exciting show. No dogs there…

      For my money, Bellator won the MMA Wars last week.

  • legit!

  • The bottle with the results in it, must have just washed up on shore.

    Anyway, it was a thing of Freaking beauty. King Mo was so over confident and looking so far past Newton, as to be stupid. Oh, well, he paid for it.

    Mo must have missed the Overeem / Big Foot fight. Take all opponents seriously. There's no such thing as an easy win, anymore.

  • Thats what happens when you just stand there.

  • "unknown Light-heavyweight Emanual Newton" not anymore lol

  • You can't be too sorry for Mo who is far too cocky.

    Mo could have easily won this fight and would be much more successful if he actually used his Olympic caliber wrestling but no he tries to use his Mayweather boxing and this is the result.
    He can stand with average guys but when he faces someone who will take small openings like Newton did or Feijao, Mo will be put to sleep.

    • @ Keith

      You hit the nail on the head. I'd say within the first minute of that fight, the alarm should have gone off in Mo's head and he should have take the fight to the ground.

      I have / had no idea what he was thinking.

      You could take one look at that kid and know that he had a ton of energy and confidence, that he cared not the about the reputation which was across the cage and that he was raring / eager for a fight.

      As Bob Seger put it…"get out of Denver, baby."

      Mo failed, by failing to go to his bread-and-butter.

  • I'm also extremely interested to know what Newton was trying to do at the end there.

    He tries to get one more shot in briefly and then…….. Caresses him aggressively???? lol

    • Well it was a bit of an awkward position, with Mo falling backwards into him. I'm guessing instinct took over and he just went for the RNC.

  • The guy is a punk – he fought like a punk, lost like a punk, and now he has some punk explanation as to why it happened.

  • Another fighter getting his just desserts for not respecting the talent of his opponent.

  • The fighters in bellator seem hungrier and more willing to put it all on the line then UFC fighters.
    but i still miss pride.