Edmond Tarverdyan Says ‘It’s All Good’ After Colossal UFC 207 Failure


With the entire MMA world wondering just why people keep paying Edmond Tarverdyan to be their head coach, the Glendale Fighting Club head man surprisingly doesn’t care.

In a recent spot with TMZ Sports, Tarverdyan flashed his usual nonchalant attitude about his star pupil Ronda Rousey’s 48-second loss to Amanda Nunes at last weekend’s UFC 207 from Las Vegas. According to Tarverdyan, who was recently hit with identity theft and fraud-related charges and also declared bankruptcy despite driving a Mercedes SUV, things are “all good”:

“It’s all good man, no plans made yet.”

The embattled coach then said he was tuning out all of the massive hate he and Rousey were receiving:

“It doesn’t matter what people say.”

While it may not matter what people say, it does matter what Rousey’s results are in the Octagon, especially if she’s going to continue fighting the best female bantamweight competitors in the world. His response is a direct parallel to the ‘advice’ he gave in Rousey’s corner in between the first and second rounds of her devastating knockout loss to Holly Holm at 2015’s UFC 193, where he said she was “doing great” despite it being clear she was getting severely outclassed in the striking department.

It seems this severe brand of disillusion is a major part of why Rousey has fallen so hard, so fast, but until she’s able to wise up and get with a real MMA team who knows what they’re doing, she probably shouldn’t step back into a MMA cage ever again.

Because even though she’s been knocked out in her last two one-sided fights, things are still “all good” to Coach Edmond.

  • Murderous1

    Turdvarian don’t care long as he can still brainwash dummies

  • leonaidis

    How did Rousey end up with Edmond??? Who has he coached before her?? I know quite a number of fighters from Macedonia and when I asked them if they knew Edmond the all went “Yeah, he’s Rondas coach”, but when I asked them if they knew anything more about him they all went “No”. And it’s not just MMA guys, kick boxing and boxing people have no clue either.

    Did he just come out of no were to coach one of the biggest stars ever in MMA?? And if so, how?? He most have some credentials??

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Sometimes you just want comfortable people around you

      Why does weirdmman stick to serra
      He’s comfortable there

      That CAN be good for you,

      • Drago

        Weidman main coach is Ray Longo, a very experienced coach who was Serra coach as well when he was Champion. So, while Edmond doesn’t has any MMA experience, as coach or as fighter, Serra-Longo have plenty of that. They may not be as big a team as ATT or Tristar, but their a good team IMO.

    • disqus_5T2jXBEN10

      He is the “boxing” coach at the gym where she trained in judo as a teenager. She has loyalty and he has stupidity. Apparently the guy has legal problems as well. Oh well, NEXT!

  • Wabbit

    Some are better conmen than they are coaches…and Karma has a sense of humor.

  • Bill Wolf

    I can’t see anything to add to this: “…until she’s able to wise up and get with a real MMA team who knows what they’re doing, she probably shouldn’t step back into a MMA cage ever again.”

  • These same things were said about Tarverdyan after the Holly Holm fight.
    If Edmund really is a completely incompetent coach like people are saying he is then why haven’t the UFC stepped in to put things right???

    Ronda generates so many millions of dollars for the UFC and yet they sit back and watch Ronda’s career(and more importantly the money they make off her) go down the drain because of an idiotic coach???

    Common sense tells me that either……..

    1. Edmund Tarverdyan is a good coach or

    2. The UFC don’t care about Rousey winning anymore……….

    • Murderous1

      It’s her decision where she train’s but some stubborn people hate to admit fault and She is so rich with other choices but change camp’s or retire前置き何

      • Why haven’t the UFC stepped in to protect there big moneymaker?

        • aFriendlyAgenda


          • Protect………

            to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.; cover or shield from injury or danger.

      • disqus_5T2jXBEN10

        Other choices??? Hollywood has already canceled her check. She is no longer “Wonder Woman” but is “I wonder what happened to that woman?” She keeps saying she is a “born fighter” but the true fighters dont give up they fight through it, sometimes to long, but they go until they cant go any longer, and she isnt like that.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Because its a sport

      Its up to you to win or lose

  • disqus_5T2jXBEN10

    He had 5 years to improve Rouseys striking and this is the results??? The problem is Rousey was so dominant on the ground they didnt know how deficient she was standing up, and he should have known. Also, her go to armbar was unstoppable but she should have worked on taking the back to vary her game. He road her coat tails and stroked her ego, this was an accident waiting to happen. Rhonda is still young and can start at the boottom and work her way up, but I dont think she has it in her. She talks about being a “warrior” etc. but it is easy being a “warrior” when you are winning a true warrior fights on even when losing.