Editor’s Choice: UFC 156 Main Card Predictions


Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

I truly believe Frankie Edgar has the perfect skillset to defeat Jose Aldo. Edgar’s biggest weapon in this match-up is his second to none conditioning. If the former 155 champ manages to drag Aldo into the championship rounds, I won’t be surprised if he gets the finish. Aldo’s fights with orian”>Kenny Florian and Mark Hominick left some unanswered questions, and well, since Frankie Edgar’s nickname is “The Answer”, this one could get interesting. Obviously, this one could go either way, but I’m really confident Frankie Edgar will get the victory. My prediction is Edgar via Decision.

Alistair Overeem vs. Antonio Silva

I really hope John McCarthy or Dan Miragliotta will be refereeing this one. This is like King Kong vs. Godzilla, or any other match-up involving two mythological creatures that are well-known for raising havoc. Overeem is definitely a favorite, but we all know that this means absolutely nothing. Anything can happen. Yet, the Dutchman’s technical abilities and experience is what really sets him apart from any other fighter in the UFC Heavyweight division, including the champ Cain Velasquez. The Reem will play it smart, while Bigfoot will try to land a big knockout punch. My pick is Overeem via TKO in Round 2, but don’t be surprised if Antonio Silva gets his hand raised when it’s all set and done.

Rashad Evans vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

This is a tricky one. I don’t think Rashad Evans will stand with Little Nog for too long during the fight. In the end, it will all come down to Evans’ ability to take Nogueira down. From there, Little Nog can be very dangerous off his back, but I still can’t see him forcing Evans to tap. Again, I truly believe the Brazilian is more dangerous on his feet, but Evans just has a better overall skillset. ‘Suga via Decision.

Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia

This could well be one of the most technical fights in UFC history. Both fighters are experts on the ground, however, I expect Demian Maia to be more aggressive with his jiu-jitsu. With this being said, I highly doubt that he will be able to submit Jon Fitch, who as always, will be looking to make it an ugly back and forth battle for top position. It’s a tough one to call, but I’d pick Jon Fitch via Decision.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Ian McCall

This main card opener could steal the Fight of the Night award from Aldo vs. Edgar. Benavidez and McCall are both tough, but something tells me that Uncle Creepy wants it more. He has a lot to prove after a relatively disappointing performance against Demetrious Johnson. No one really expects this from a 125’ers, but I’ll go for a finish here. Ian McCall comes from a very good striking camp at Team Oyama, so I predict him to get a flash KO deep into Round 3. There you have it, Uncle Creepy via KO in Round 3.

  • YES! anton chose edgar bahaha. lol

    in all seriousness jose aldo is my favorite fighter right now and thats because he is agressive, cerebral, and fights with style. i hope he gains more fans after tonight

    btw did anyone see overoid in the weigh ins?? i guess hes off the sauce. i cant believe somepeople on here didnt believe he was juicing…..

    • @anton

      jose aldo

      • Not bad, onemoreround!


        • @UG

          seems like a pretty easy card to predict. not too sure about maia vs fitch but i feel maia at 170 is dangerous

          • I'm so pumped for Maia vs Fitch fight. If Maia wins tonight, he'll be the next WW champ.

    • and the curse lives on.

      "Anton makes randy couture look like nostradamus"
      "Anton is the mma miss cleo"
      "Anton is mayan"

  • Edgar via Decision
    Overrem by KO
    Rashad via Decision
    Fitch via Fitch(Decision)
    Benavidez via TKO

    • The only one I disagree with is Fitch. I think he is getting subbed in the first or second. I also don't think Benavidez is getting a TKO. I think he wins but by decision.

  • Whoever wins this pick is doing well. This would have to be one of the hardest cards to pick….The only fight I feel confident in picking is Reem taking the W.

    • My brain tells me Reem, but gut feeling tells me Silva may be able to pull it out.

  • Aldo is gonna finish Frankie, fuck the haters and that's how its going down
    One time Braaaapppp btw you people are really boosting Frankie like in his last couple fights the man's had all decisions he's good but not great, Aldo is a killer and you're going to witness greatness tonight like my man Lebron

    • i agree frankie is good but seriously going to a draw with maynard and decisioning bendo and bj penn twice is good but not GREAT

      • I prefer to respect GSP's judgement than some OMCP from the retard section of lowkick.

    • Just curious, did you lose your password. I saw another post, same name but no capitalized "i" in front….I dont miss much, except my sanity. 8P

    • Aldo is one of my favorite fighters, well above Frankie (who I also admire greatly) and he very well could get a KO; Frankie has been rocked before by lesser strikers (Maynard) BUT if Frankie takes him into the later rounds he will lose the decision. I see Frankie taking this Via Decision.

  • If u dont think decisiong Bj Penn back in his prime and bendo twice whom are way bigger then Frankie isn't great then your an idiot!

  • Yeah!!!! Awesome night for Brasil ahead of us!!!! Thx Anton!!!

    • That remains to be seen, but yes, most likely…except maybe Bigfoot. If Reem is half as good as they say, it should be a very easy win for him.

      • I have a feeling that Bigfoot Silva will absolutely destroy Overeem. This would be a shocker.

  • Although I'm predicting a KO/TKO victory for Aldo (no disrespect to Frankie, Aldo is just a beast), I'd prefer another controversial decision or draw that we've often seen Frankie in in recent fights. It would be pretty amazing to see Aldo-Frankie II while having Lamas and Chan Sung Jung fight for number 1 contender.

  • Wow anton 0 and 4 lol, I guess the curse is real.

  • Actually, it was 0/5.

  • Anton…oh my.

  • Anton, I think you and me can make a loooot of money with your picks…

  • lol!!!! anton is the real deal!!