Ed Soares: I Think A Well-Trained Anderson Silva Would Beat Jon Jones


Talk of former longtime UFC middleweight champ Anderson engaging in a super fight with light heavyweight king Jon Jones has cooled off considerably in recent months. After all, he lost the title when Chris Weidman knocked him out cold at UFC 162 – and Weidman was returning from a yearlong layoff from shoulder surgery.

Many attributed the loss more to Silva’s showboating, careless antics than to anything Weidman did. We’ll find out if it was a fluke or the real deal when the two rematch in the main event of UFC 168 on December 28.

But there’s at least one person who still think “The Spider” has what it takes to beat even Jones.

Silva’s manager Ed Soares recently met up with Fox Sports to detail his thoughts on the matter:

“I believe Anderson is the best fighter on the planet, period. Any weight class. I believe he has a bigger danger to any fighter he faces than any fighter has towards him. Can he be beat? Of course he can be beat. Anybody can be beat, but you put him against any fighter in any weight class and I think he has a better chance of beating them than they do beating him. I think he’ll beat him. I do think Anderson can beat Jon Jones. Not taking anything away from Jon Jones. Incredible athlete, but he doesn’t have the experience and I think a well-trained Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones.”

That’s a sentiment echoed by many MMA fans that think Silva is still the true pound-for-pound king of the UFC. But with his advancing age and questionable motivation, it’s highly debatable right now. Silva’s former enemy Chael Sonnen recently raised an interesting point when he stated that a rematch has never once favored the older combatant.

Silva is no regular rematch participant, however, and he insists that he’s back. We’ll have to wait two months to find out for sure. Jones is currently set to fight number one contender Glover Teixeira early next year, and if Silva gets past Weidman we might finally see this oft-discussed bout for the ages finally come to fruition.

But I doubt it. It may be the biggest money match that Dana White can put together, but too many pieces would have to fall in place. Silva doesn’t really seem all that interested in fighting “Bones” either. He may have nine fights left on his UFC contract, but it’s hard to see that being fulfilled with him fighting once or twice a year.

Is Soares just sticking up for his good friend, or do his words truly have some weight here? 

  • Disagree – AS is a better fighter than Jones..But put simply chael took AS silva down in every round 6 total and only was unsuccessful in 2nd rd of 2nd fight. Jones manhandled Sonnen…..I hate MMA math but this would be one of those times, I would think it makes sense. AS would be stopped in 3-4 against Jones.

    • But if you think like that, Anderson won Belfort in the first round, and Jones took four rounds, Anderson beat Bonnar in the first round, Jones won by decision!
      I don't think it would be an easy fight for either of them, but I think Anderson would win!

      • That's not what I said. If Jones is a superior wrestler to sonnen and Silva could not solve that puzzle against sonnen, he has virtually no chance against a guy that's bigger and stronger and perhaps a better mma wrestler.

        • True… but do you really think Silva hasn't worked on that hole in his game…?? you think if he takes the fight with Bones he's gonna be the same fighter Sonnen faced? MMA math absolutely doesn't work and fighters evolve you can't compare the Silva from 3 years ago with today's Silva.Those are 2 different fighters… The only way to find out is to see them fight and i don't wanna be homeless, so i'd put my house on Silva! Which history has proven is the best bet!

          • EP1…I think you should have been a defense attorney 8))

      • to: Ed Soares
        Words fall from your mouth like **** from ***.

        • Words fall from your mouth like sh!t from a$s

    • Whoever coined the phrase "MMA math doesn't work" almost certainly did not mean it never works – he meant it cannot be relied upon. If it never worked then the opposite of the MMA Math would always be true (think about it for a minute – it'll make sense).

      I'll use an extreme example to illustrate that it can work. Randy Couture beat James Toney. James Toney can beat me. Therefore Randy Couture can beat me. No question all three statements are true.

      I think Watermelon Fresh's comment is very reasonable. From the standpoint of wrestling skills his point is valid. Has Silva worked on his wrestling and TDD. No question – he was better in Silva vs Sonnen 2 but all things being equal Jones wrestling is too much for the smaller Silva.

      Caveat: Silva's wrestling continues to grow as he works on it and he brings it on par with the rest of his skills (hmmm, could Mark Munoz have something to do with that?)

      Reading over my comment I foresee a lot of red (weaks) ;-(

      • I diagree MIKE!…I think you can beat Toney lol

      • Not from me. Point taken.

    • AS is the best fighter period. Jones only has a chance because he is much bigger than Anderson. If Jones was the same size as Anderson nobody would even argue which one would win.

  • Why is it that every time people talk about AS & JJ people bring up Chael Sonnen? People match up differently all the time.. MMA is anybodys game. Does Anderson have the tool to beat JJ? Absolutely! Doe Jones have the tools to beat AS? Of coarse! There you have it!!!!

  • MMA Math does rarely add up. That said, if Sonnen can take down AS at will, Jones certainly can.

    • Get past Wiedman 1st off, then go up to Gus.

    • Not necessarily Mike. Chael and Jones have totally different styles of wrestling. Chael is more collegiate in his style while Jones is more greaco and uses more upper body takedowns. Silva may deal better with one style than the other.

    • That also depends on Jones using a strike to get that takedown. Chael does that 90% of the time, which works. Those who dont set up the takedown often eat a knee or get TKO'd

    • Maybe but I also think Silvas BJJ game is slicker than Vitors.

  • maia took sonnen down. how that work for maia against AS? fighters different in different fights, besides AS has weidman coming up and JJ has Glover then Gus after that,
    theory aint sh it without the facts and practice

    • Uhhh no… He threw sonnen with judo toss, Chael was not expecting it and it happens.

      • Yes and Silva didnt expect to get knocked out while acting like a f*cking clown but he did…. does that mean it will happen again? No way in f*cking hell….. A combination of LUCK and TRAINING comes into play… Not saying Weidman landed a "lucky" punch.. but i'm saying Weidman was "lucky" that Silva chose to clown instead of FIGHT! Over confidence is a fighters cryptonite! You need to be confident but focused! Silva had lost that focus…. and paid for it.

        • It could happen again lol

  • Silva can also knee your face to the ground if you are shooting for a leg.. Food for thought!

  • Quoting Ed Sores, "I'm excited…I"m real excited".

    Really? He doesn't sound excited.

    Good business plan for his promotion, though. I guess the key to this is, he's not signing fighters to long-term contracts or anything that has a "matching" clause; fighters are free to walk out the door. If so, that's a good business model.

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  • MMA math does not work.. No amount of Pythagoras will ever make MMA math work. MMA is so complicated it's like Algebraic calculation using a Pythagoras to solve a calculus theory of a fractal problem only using hexadecimal to show calculations.

    • I just take off my shoes if its that complicated 8P

  • A motivated Silva could give Jones a lot of problems but he is not as fast as he used to be. Jones is not to only physically gifted, but also very good at adapting strategy in mid-fight.

    Times is not on the spider's side, though. And going up a weight class might bring you power and cost you hand speed, and speed is what he would need.

    If Silva crushes Weidmann, then the super fight might happen. I just don't see that happening,

    • Agreed, I see Ed chasing a passing train.