Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig Steps Down As Team Alpha Male Head Coach


Team Alpha Male head coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig has decided to leave the team in order to move back to Colorado and start his own MMA gym.

Team leader and No. 1-ranked UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber appeared on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight” to break the surprising news:

An official notice has been posted to the Team Alpha Male site in search of a qualified new head coach. Meanwhile, Ludwig himself spoke up to MMAFighting.com to discuss his next career move:

“I’m moving back to Colorado to open and run my own gym and business,” Ludwig said. “Time to build my own brand. All is good here in Sacramento. Love the guys here, but I have to build my own business.”

The news come as such a shock because it was Ludwig who guided team members to a huge boost in momentum during his short stint as head coach.

His training experience and skills paid immediate dividends for Team Alpha Male members, resulting in Faber going undefeated during an absolutely stellar 2013, while former No. 1-ranked featherweight Chad “Money” Mendes has won six straight bouts after dropping his UFC 142 main event against Jose Aldo.

Joseph Benavidez also went on a tear, reeling off three consecutive victories before his failed rematch with UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson at UFC on FOX 9 last December.

Younger team members like T.J. Dillashaw and Chris Holdsworth also saw the benefits of Ludwig’s tutelage. Dillashaw racked up three victories in four fights to sit at the No. 5 spot in the bantamweight division, while Holdsworth won the male contract on the recent TUF 18.

All told, it’s a devastating loss for Team Alpha Male, who will be very hard-pressed to find a replacement for “Bang.” Ludwig will be staying with the team through May 24, the day on which UFC 173 takes place. But that day is rapidly approaching, and Team Alpha Male has to be in at least a small amount of disarray following the announcement.

Just who will replace “Bang” in Sacramento? Can anyone fill his big shoes?

  • i can understand opening your own school but completely abandoning the team that build your name after just one year is pretty low. Bang was always good but he wouldve faded into the mist after his last loss if not for faber

    • Built his name?? Ludwig was well known before staring as headcoach, he is the owner of one of the fastest UFC knockouts. His job was to teach them striking he did that now its time for him to move on, he was never going to stay for ever…

      • As far as casual fans go no one knows who Ludwig is but since alpha male after every win you here bang may Thai in the interviews. He got coach of the year. All his fighters wear his gear and they all promote the shit out of him. He is a good coach regardless but without alpha male he wouldn't have had the exposure to even think of starting his own school. Now as soon as he blows up he's gone

        • Griffin, gotta, strike, while, the, irons, hot

        • You say that like he was just there for the fame and just fucked off when he was rich or someshit? He is not wealthy by any means. Also he wasn't 100% sure if he was going to leave or not and Urijah decided to release a statement to all the media and team Alpha Male before Duane even made a final decision. Duane was never going to be full time coach for them for ever, he was there to give the guys some extra tools in striking and polish up there skills, he also has a fucking family that isn't in Sacramento and would rather open up a gym in Colorado to be with his family and earn some extra money to support them. Duana also would of easily been able to open a gym before he signed with team alpha male because he was obviously well known and skillful enough for team alpha male to sign him in the first place..

  • D

    I'm sure Ludwig did a lot of good things for Team Alpha Male…but Mendes, Faber and Benavidez have been the #2 guys in each of their division for years, and he did not change that. Their win streaks were probably products of none of them having to face the #1 guy for a while.

    • He did more than just do a lot of good things for that team. Every single fighter on that team completely transformed into new and better versions of themselves. Their striking is at an elite level now. None of them had anywhere near the technique that they have right now.

  • He definitely helped out with the boxing on team alpha male, that's the one big improvement you could easily see, especially from Mendes and Dillashaw. All they really need is a an actual boxing coach with some MMA experience to replace Duane and it will be like he never left. If Freddie Roach actually knew MMA he would be a perfect fit

    • He wasn't a boxing coach he was a muay thai coach… His head kicks he taught the guys is awesome!

  • Translation – he's not an owner in the club.

  • Zip

    Simply time to move on to other things. If I were him, I would. His own gym sounds like a better deal. Good for him.

    • Exactly and his coaching stock is as high as it will ever be

  • Start his own brand? That's a nice thought but wouldn't it just be easier to build on what you've already started? He's legitimized that team and working with all those big names definitely developed a brand. Starting all over seems like a waste of time and resources. If I worked for a year to give credence toward a team's skills and be directly attributed to their success I'd be pretty proud of that fact and would want to continue that work until a title was brought back. I suppose Duane doesn't think they can win a title or maybe he's just a sucker for hard work and wants his own glory.

  • now its time to see if alpha male can win without ludwig, If they can they are the alphas, if they cant well time to join ludwigs Gym!!!!