Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig: It Wasn’t F***ing Supposed To Be Like This


The news that Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig was leaving Team Alpha Male came as a shock to most fans; The UFC veteran’s presence had helped fighters like Urijah Faber, Jo Benavidez and Chad Mendes by sharpening their stand up skills beyond measurement.

Ludwig’s move to open his own business came during an episode of ‘UFC Tonight’, although ‘Bang’ says he never intended it to be that way. In fact, Ludwig claims that he hadn’t even started plans for the move. Check out what he had to say to MMAJunkie:

“It wasn’t f*****g supposed to be like this, man, I’m not going to bounce on anybody’s fight camp. Then [Faber] f*****g went and told the team and did a press release before I knew. I’m like, ‘What the hell?’”

“That’s why it was a bit sudden, because I was just giving Urijah the heads up; I didn’t really have much planned. I think he kind of jumped [the gun],” said Ludwig.

So Faber’s releasing of the information before Ludwig was ready may have actually fast tracked the process, which is quite a surprising turn of events. ‘Bang’ continued with an explanation of his plans:

“I’m still working paycheck to paycheck. I’ve got to set up a business; that’s just the smartest move. Plus, Colorado’s home. I’ve got to get my family back and get my life situated again. I’ve got to be smart about my finances, and right now, this isn’t a smart thing to do.”

It would seem that this situation got blown out of proportion, and that he may have been around for longer had the news not been released so early on. Ludwig then goes on to say that he will still have a hand in training the Alpha Male squad:

“I’m still going to have an open window for them to come train with me and to bring me out for training camps and seminars and stuff,” he said of his relationship with Alpha Male. “They’re still going to be an affiliate of mine with the ‘Bang Muay Thai System.’ It’s just time to open my own business.”

Perhaps things aren’t so bad for the guys that benefit so much from Ludwig’s tutelage; he still wants to help with fight camps, and it’s only fair that he should look after his own finances and working life.  

  • “They’re still going to be an affiliate of mine with the ‘Bang Muay Thai System.’ It’s just time to open my own business.” So he's gonna keep building his name off them but not be around to train. if i was a member of AM i would tell him to go screw himself.

    • D

      No, he's going to open his own gym, rather than subsist on a Muay Thai coaches salary.

      All he's saying is that they are welcome to come train with him. It's not like he called his gym "Alpha Male Muay Thai…" Last time I checked, "Bang" was his nickhame.

    • What type of fuckwit are you? Get a fucking life you loser. Duana was highly respected and well known before AM.

    • The Forest Griffon I know, doesnt sound like this! THIS IS MADNESS!!!