Dos Santos on Mir: I am going to go there and knock him out


Durring an open workout, UFC Heavyweight Champion, Junior Dos Santos (14-1) spoke to the media today about Frank Mir, his opponent for Saturday’s UFC 146. His strategy is a simple one, as he said to reporters: “I am going to go in there and knock him out.”

A simple strategy for a man who has earned 10 of his 14 wins by Knockout; but it does not mean that Dos Santos is underestimating the former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champ. Dos Santos was quoted as saying: “He’s got pretty good skills in stand-up and you have to be careful with that, especially in this division.”

When asked about tangling with Mir on the ground, Dos Santos admitted: “He’s very good on the ground, but where I put my mind is that ‘I am better than him’. When you talk a lot it’s just talk. I prefer to let my fists do the talking.”

As for being the reigning Champion, Dos Santos said: “When you are the Champion, you are a target. Everyone looks to you and every one of the fighters want to beat you, but it’s all a part of the game.”

Dos Santos’ trainer, Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira, lost a match to Mir and it was speculated that “Big Nog” might be able to offer up some insight. According to Dos Santos: “He couldn’t directly help me, because he is in Rio DeJanerio and I am in Salvador training, but he gave me some advice.”

Although Dos Santos never revealed what that advice was. Perhaps Frank Mir will find out first-hand, this Saturday, at UFC 146.

  • Mir by sub in championship rounds.

  • Seriously?

  • why not? Everybody keeps talking about JDS and his power….I can sit here and say that I would not be suprised if junior did knock Mir out. But thats just not how I see it going. I see Mir by sub. Mir can sub JDS just as easily as JDS can knock Mir out.

  • You have a good point and it’s a fight…anything can happen. I don’t see Mir as much as an underdog as some are making him out to be and Mir could very well get an early KO, too. I just give the edge to Junior. I hope it’s a good fight. I’ll be posting a similar thing on Mir a little later.

  • i got jds by kimura

  • I will be rooting for Frank Mir to win…

  • I’m picking JDS. Mir has no chin at all. Even in the Nogueira fight. He can easily be knock down.

  • JDS has to stay outside and pick his shots. If he stays out of Mir’s reach, I’m calling JDS by KO. He better not try to out grapple Mir is all I can say.