Cerrone vs. Nurmagomedov Added To Stacked UFC 178; Fight Falls Apart When ‘The Eagle’ Blows Out Knee


UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone has been flying high in his recent outings, and most recently dispatched of Jim Miller in the second round of their UFC Fight Night 45 meeting. Word on the grapevine is that a 155-pound clash between ‘Cowboy’ and Khabib Nurmagomedov was in the works, but the news was made official today, and you won’t believe where the bout will take place.


If this fight sounded too good to be true, it probably was, because Dana White just clarified at today’s UFC Fight Night 46 Q& A session that Nurmagomedov tore up his knee training 20 minutes after the fight was announced:

Ouch. Cerrone will reportedly get another opponent on the card, but White said called a rematch with Nate Diaz, who is apparently disgruntled after witnessing Gilbert Melendez sign a lucrative contract, “ridiculous.”

Who should be up next for “Cowboy” now?

Photo: David Manning for USA TODAY Sports

  • Not happening… Dublin press conference live now… Dana just said Khabib blew his knee 20 min after the contract was signed. New fight in the works for Cowboy.

  • i know jorge masvidal is fighting next week…if he can get passed Daron Cruickshank without taking damage then id love to see that fight. ive been watching him since his backyard brawling days and he always brings it. If he can pick up the W next weekend and can land this fight i think it would put him in a good position in the rankings.

    Id kind of want to see masvidal fight nate diaz also…i think the shit talking leading up to the fight would be amazing hahaha

  • Khabib should face the win streak killer Benson.

    • I don't think Khabib can hang with Benson past the 1st round. It's probably gonna be competitive the first round, then after Khabib starts to fade (as he has done consistently) Benson will turn it up… Khabib has 1 great round and 2 good rounds in his tank. Benson has 5 Great rounds.

      • How I feel too.

      • Not against khabib he doesn't. First off khabib has finished 14 fights while 8 have gone to decision. He is much bigger than most guys at lightweight which is his "fading" problem. He cuts way too much weight imo. I think he is better off at ww.
        how would bendo win? He wouldn't kick that's for sure. Khabib has the ufc takedown record against a bjj master and was never in danger on the ground. I don't think bendo could hang with khabib. Does he fade yeah but so does Chris Weidman or Jones. They cut a lot of weight too. Problem is if you have been beat up badly in the first two rounds so do their opponents.
        khabib is the real deal prob one of the best male grapplers in mma. He has several world grappling championships of different styles under his belt bjj, sambo, freestyle, judo. The guy can beat bendo by completely neutralizing his kicks.