Don Frye calls Brock Lesnar a “complete a–hole”, thinks his fights were fixed


Don Frye was recently interviewed by Fight Now TV while attending this years Arnold Classic 13′. The legendary MMA pioneer, had a few things to say regarding everything from PED’s, to a possible rematch with Ken Shamrock and most prominently a rant about Brock Lesnar.

He share’s his experiences with the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and goes on to question the legitimacy of his skills and accomplishments as a mixed martial artist. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • lmao how were his fights fixed? I mean just the showtime kick was staged that's all.

  • freddy mercury is in the haus, i think Don frye wants to fight Brock Lesnar, he'll get his *** kicked.

  • why is it that theres a bald guy in his back with a very big muscles but i think the guy is a gaydude, why is he posing like that? can somebody xplain it to me?

    • Listen, just be grateful that you know have something to think about when you're alone and don't ask so many questions.

  • That mustache is on TRT

  • Even though i dont agree with him in the TRT argument.
    Don is still the man! How can you not like him? Super nice guy!

    • Don is a man's man …. the guy just says what is on his mind and most of the time
      is what is needed to be said… but he is a true azzhole mixed with a lil bit of
      douche bag….. and on fixing the fights Mir and Randy was just saying Brock got
      lucky cause in his eyes they are WAY better and have WAY more talent …..
      Regardless how one feels DON was one of the fighters who started this sport
      and fought when you didnt just lose you got phucked up and truely got your ***
      handed to you….No rule just no kicks to the nuts and eye gilging…..
      respect were respect is do if never seen the fight in pride against Takayama
      was so awesome to stand go BLOW FOR BLOW … look it up youtube or in UFC

  • Can't argue with a stach as sweet as that!

  • Frye tells it like it is.. old school…i thought the randy fight was handed to brock also and could have be staged… if people think that UFC isnt rigged for certain fights then they are just as ignorant as them believing that most fighters use some form of PED… frye says get over it..old school PRIDE mentality.. love it.

    • Dont* use PEDs

    • Randy got caught. He was winning that fight up until then and if they fought 10 more times Randy would win at least 8. I am yet to see a fight in the UFC that looked staged.

      • If you can, find a vid of Travis Lutter vs. Marvin Eastman. I've thought there were multiple things about that fight that were fishy since seeing it a decade ago.

        • I'll check it out. It wouldn't totally surprise me but as much as I dislike Lesner and think he just had a golden horse shoe lodged in his ****** in a few fights, I don't believe any of his fights were rigged.

          • Really low kick? I can't write re(tum?!? IT'S A PROPER FREAKING WORD FOR A BODY PART. Are ***** and ****** no no words too?

          • Guess so.

          • poopie

  • @Evan,

    That's a fishy thing to say:)

    On the subject of Don Frye – great fighter back in the day – still looks like he could take on a few well known tough guys. I reckon he could probably fight Ged from the Beverly Hillbillies? And I think he could take on Christopher Reeves and Stephen Hawkings with his left arm tied behind his back.

    So what do you think Lowkickers??