Does Vitor Belfort Deserve The Winner Of Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida?


Vitor Belfort’s absence from the upcoming UFC 173 card has sparked huge debate; ‘The Phenom’ was first reported to have taken himself out of the title fight with Chris Weidman, but later Belfort claimed he was in fact replaced and will face the winner of Lyoto Machida & ‘The All-American’.

The news came just one day after the UFC and NSAC banned TRT use, and the Brazilian Commission has also followed suit today. Now whether Belfort removed himself, or was replaced by the UFC at 173, should Belfort get the shot at the winner of Machida vs. Weidman?

TRT aside (I know, it’s difficult) Belfort had an amazing year in 2013; knocking out Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and Dan Henderson with three astonishing head kicks. Currently 6-2 since rejoining the promotion, Belfort’s only recent losses came to champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.

It’s hard to argue against Belfort’s form and finishing as of late, but the fact that he did it while on a now banned substance does lay question to their legitimacy. The announcement of Weidman/Machida and subsequent telling of ‘The Phenom’ facing the winner could well be the UFC giving Belfort the chance to get clean and retrain, TRT free.

The situation surrounding the UFC middleweight title picture is very messy right now, and only adds to the media storm surrounding the biggest MMA promotion in the world. Slating interviews in recent times, and findings on TRT abuse have meant a lot of bad press for the promotion.

The MMA world as a whole has been rocked by the last few days of news, and the UFC is becoming the centre of a whole load of unwanted press. Having Belfort come back clean and fight for the title is great for the rankings, but how will that bode for the legitimacy of the sport?

As far as the P’s and Q’s are concerned, Belfort was (allegedly) sticking to the rules and has now (apparently) stopped TRT use since the ban. A look at his physique in the lead up to his next fight will be telling, but even more so will be the result of that match up.

We enter, hopefully, a new generation of cleaner fighters in the UFC, and all of MMA. It’s likely that we will be absolutely free of the negative problems surrounding TRT very soon, although it may be a pretty tough time for Belfort trying to remain on top. Does he deserve the shot? That’s debatable, but one thing is for sure; Belfort’s week probably couldn’t have gone much worse.

  • I think he still deserves the next shot even though I'm completely against TRT especially when you swell up twice the size you were in your 20's. He still had to get in the cage and compete and win and he did that with vicious K.O's. I'm glad they banned it I'm glad he had to take this fight off to level off and train the way everyone else has to but I do think he deserves the next crack. I said in a different post that if Weidman won let Silva Belfort 2 happen but I think Silva needs some sort of tune up fight before he takes on an animal like Belfort TRT or not. No one including Silva knows how his leg will react under full fight pressure and contact. Belfort is next in line.

    • Silva's leg will only be stronger when he comes back. His leg is not likely to ever break again. Both hard and soft tissue damage grow stronger when it heals. The main thing is his mobility, which i'm sure will be back to where it was after enough physical therapy. There's no reason it shouldn't.

  • Yes.

  • Yes considering performance, no considering history.

    • He either deserves it or he doesn't. He has done nothing illegal other than juicing years ago which he has been punished for, it's old and it's buried in the past. There was nothing wrong about the TRT thing until yesterday when it was banned. If he gets off TRT and competes, he did everything by the book!

      • I am saying his performances would indicate he deserves a shot but his history does not. The title asks if he deserves a shot, I give two opinions, one if you only consider performance another if you consider history which in my opinion he had an unfair advantage that he was cleared to use.

  • What a silly question, he deserves a shot at the belt right now so why wouldn't he in a few months??

  • Silly question… of course he does! He deserves it NOW! It's not his fault that the NSAC banned TRT on short notice. He simply can't cycle off that quick and be healthy. That's out of his control.

  • DG1

    Of course he does. Whatever your opinion on TRT, it was permitted up until two days ago. He wasn't cheating, he was fighting within the rules. He deserves the shot.