POLL: Does Matt Brown Deserve A Title Shot If He Knocks Out Erick Silva?


Matt Brown will make his return to the Octagon tomorrow night to take on top Brazilian prospect Erick Silva after nearly nine months away from the UFC recovering from a back injury.

Prior to Brown’s layoff, the 33-year old had been ripping his way through the welterweight division with six wins in his last six fights; five of which came by way of knockout. The streak had earned him a title eliminator against Carlos Condit at UFC on Fox 9 but unfortunately for “The Immortal” his injury kept him from competing.

On Saturday night, Brown will get the chance to continue his run against Silva who has been tipped numerous times to be the UFC’s next “big thing”; despite being just 4-3 inside the Octagon.

There’s no question about Brown deserving a higher ranked opponent over Silva; that’s obvious. The real question is where does the 33-year old stand if he manages to add another knockout to his resume.

If that were to happen, Brown would be on a seven-fight win streak with six knockouts. Could the UFC really deny him the next shot at the title?

What do you think, does Brown deserve a title shot if he knocks out Silva?

  • Sorry Matt, you have a great streak and look amazing but it's not how many guys it's who you beat. I need you to fight some top 10 and 5 fighters first and you should have been fighting them a while back unfortunately.

  • Ivy

    "I deserve it, I deserve it!!!"

    Always wiser to let your fans and bosses make the decision to make that claim.

    • not really, Dana doesn't give title shots based on who really deserves it. it's sad that this sport used to be about winning fights and working your way up. now unless you are a big name you aren't getting a title shot no matter how many wins you have. this sports turning from one based on earning a title shot to winning a popularity contest.
      that goes the same with fans. the majority of fans that I see only look at the big names for title shots because that's all they pay attention to. the rankings are bs because there are guys with lesser names and on better win streaks than the more "popular" and well known fighters and they get overlooked. MMA well ufc to be exact needs to get back to the origins and have fighters win their way to the top, not talk their way to the top.

      • @michael, thats all that can be said.

  • It should at least set him up for a #1 contender bout, with his winning streak! It's not his fault they didn't match him up with top competition sooner. He's been doing everything he needs to do… WIN!

    • It's not his fault all right and I think it's rediculous they haven't given him some top guys yet. I don't like seeinga title fight that is like GSP vs Dan Hardy thats all.

      • yea but dan hardy survived some nasty submission attempts, Even GSP couldnt finish him!

        • Yeah well Hardy was finished by Lytle.

    • ian

      They did but he pulled out and he got screwed for that, he was gonna fight Condit which is top of the heap at WW

  • How on earth is the "Yes" vote winning? Did everyone just vote that to see if they were the only one? I thought this poll was a waste of time (yet I'm here still lol) there's no way he deserves a shot before the winner of Woodley/Macdonald. Match him up with Lombard or the winner of Ellenburger/Lawler for a #1 contender bout or even Dong Hyun Kim.

  • No. But he should get a number 1 contender fight.