Does Chris Weidman Deserve A Rematch With Gegard Mousasi?

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman for USA TODAY Sports

The co-main event bout between Gegard Mousasi and Chris Weidman (full highlights here) at last night’s (April 8, 2017) UFC 210 from the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York, began as the exciting, back-and-forth bout many thought it would be when it was signed.

Unfortunately it then developed into a controversy-filled talking point when referee Dan Miragliotta called a second-round knee from Mousasi illegal that was ultimately determined to be a legal strike during the five-minute recovery period Weidman was granted. The former champion failed to identify the current month of April correctly, prompting cageside doctors to stop the fight with a TKO win for Mousasi as the result.

But the discussion remains a difficult one as Weidman correctly pointed out that instant replay is not a legal means of changing a call in MMA in the state of New York, where the sport was just legalized last year and whose MMA-inexperienced athletic commission has already made a slew of surprising and debatable decisions in fights.

After his third straight loss, Weidman immediately revealed he would be appealing the loss and wants a rematch with “The Dreamcatcher.” Free agent Mousasi wasn’t as supportive of that notion, however, instead saying he wants a new contract and a title shot instead of a rematch.

What do you think? Should Mousasi give Weidman a rematch to clear up the strange ending to last night’s bout?

  • David Twardy

    I say Gegard vs Rockhold, Weidman vs Loser of Jacare and Whittaker. Which will prob be Whittaker, and Jacare can keep his streak of fighting guys outside the top 5 going with a match up vs Alvey.

    • Murdock

      I like Mousasi vs Rockhold.

  • Bill Wolf

    Gegard Mousasi beat Chris Weidman fair and square. There is no need for a rematch.

    • Murdock

      I agree, weidman completely f*cked up.

  • Dave WC

    Although I don’t think it’s fair the way that Weidman lost, he did play it up quite a bit when he thought it was an illegal knee. I’m not sure how a knee hurts a lot more when you have two hands down instead of one. Obviously it’s gamesmanship. On the other hand, Mousasi will likely have to wait at least until 2018 for a title shot regardless of whether or not he deserves one. Bisping/GSP will be in the summer, then after GSP vacates the belt it will likely be a Jacare/Romero rematch for the vacant title.

    • Murdock

      If Mousasi signs with Bellator he’ll get a quicker title shot and probably dominates their division.

    • Jess Fenchley

      it was 100% fair and square how he lost. Period.

      • Dave WC

        Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

        • Jess Fenchley

          Of course it sounds dumb to you, you are a complete simpleton.

          Understand the new rules, watch the replay, educate yourself.

    • Spyridon

      Here is the thing. I’m not sure if you realized, but after the knee when they asked Weidman if he could continue, he clearly said “No”. That’s why they gave him 5 minutes to recover.

      So once they find out it was a legal knee, look back on the situation, he straight up said he could not continue after a legal knee. Isn’t that a TKO? Basically he threw in the towel for himself.

      But I will be honest. He was trying to pull a trick, and it backfired. When he was about to get kneed, he was NOT actually grounded. He was literally REACHING for the ground. Even if he did touch the ground for a period of time, it was FINGERS on the ground, not actual HANDS or PALMS on the ground.He was desperately trying to reach low, to exploit the rules of the game.

      Can’t say I feel bad for a man when he was trying to exploit the rules, and shot himself in the foot.

  • Jess Fenchley

    Weidman was losing and lost fair and square. Enough of this whiner. Next!

  • Wabbit

    Weidman was clinging to the hope it was an illegal knee which defeated him; instead of acknowledging he was being beaten fair and square, when the fight was stopped. It appeared Weidman received a broken nose, as a consolation prize.