TJ Dillashaw Denies Dominick Cruz Rematch


For newly re-crowned UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw, a fight with flyweight kingpin Demetrious Johnson is the best fight to make.

While “Mighty Mouse” has been less than receptive to it, Dillashaw has ramped up the trash talk after once again becoming a UFC champion by stopping arch rival Cody Garbrandt the November 4’s UFC 217.

Dillashaw discussed why he thinks it’s the only fight for “Mighty Mouse” to take during an interview on The MMA Hour on Monday.

“Why not? This fight makes sense. He doesn’t have anybody and this thing should’ve happened in August. He wants a big money fight. He wants to prove that he’s the pound-for-pound king.

“This is the step. I can make the weight. I wanted to stop him from breaking the record and he wanted to break it first, so he got that out of the way, he got to do what he wanted to do and he beat the record books.

“But now it’s time to man up and get this fight going. This is a fight that fans want to see. I keep hearing them say it and everyone’s loving it, so let’s get this done. There’s no reason to be scared now, you got to break the record.”

As for the bantamweight division, Dillashaw doesn’t see a rematch with Garbrandt or Dominick Cruz anytime soon, especially considering the way in which Garbrandt was dispatched by the current champ at UFC 217 and how Cruz refused to grant Dillashaw a rematch after winning the belt in a controversial split decisions UFC Fight Night 81.

Dillashaw has remained adamant before and after winning the bantamweight belt, which has surely given him an advantage in seeking a superfight with the UFC’s most dominant champion:

“He came by when I was taking photos with the belt (at UFC 217) and he said that I did the first step,” Dillashaw said. “So in my mind, that’s him saying, ‘Let’s get this on.’ I did the first step, because he said to the media that I wasn’t worthy of a title shot, that I needed to be a champion, that he wasn’t going to fight me because I wasn’t a champion. And he came by and said that I did the first step, so I think in his mind too, this is the fight that makes sense.”

And as for his old nemesis Cruz, Dillashaw was clear that he wasn’t interested in the match up as Cruz had already denied him a rematch:

“Cruz can suck it, man,” Dillashaw said. “He’s the one who made me wait forever. He knew he should’ve given me that rematch. He was scared. He thought he was cherry-picking by picking Cody. He was trying to hold onto that belt, get as much as he could. So if it’s up to me, he can wait. He can wait as long as I did. I couldn’t care less. I mean, I do want to beat that guy. I do want to smash because I know that I can, but I don’t care what he says. I’m going for the fight that makes the most sense for me right now, and that’s Demetrious Johnson, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it.”

Do you want to see Dillashaw challenge for the flyweight belt? Or should the new champion focus solely on his own division?

  • Shock Wave

    Wow, this guy is afraid of his own division.
    Become champion, become an even bigger douche.

    • Kris-tyahn

      How’s he afraid of his own division?!? He asked to fight DJ before the Cody fight, but DJ was scared and wanted to fight another no name for the record. DJ talks about being the GOAT, so then back it up, there hasn’t been any other champ that I can think of, that turned down a fight for their title from another champ. GSP accepted BJ’s challenge, dos Anjos accepted Conors challenge 9though dos Anjos got injured), Bisping accepted GSP’s challenge (though GSP wasn’t the champ, but he also didn’t lose his belt) and he’s the GOAT, so why not take that huge money fight and had Bisping won, he would have been the ONLY man to have beaten Silva and GSP!
      Time for DJ to fight a legit fighter, and someone he hasn’t already defeated! He cleaned out the division, hence the reason he fought some guy named Borg… whoever. He cleaned out the division, but refuses to move up, so Dillashaw said he’ll move down, good on him.

      • Draven

        DJ was never scared, he’s made it clear he want to be paid well if that fight happens. His excuse is solid. He’s been told he doesn’t get PPV points, so PPV sales don’t matter to him, they matter to the UFC. He’s always said if the UFC pays him he’d happily fight TJ or Cody, it’s in the UFC’s court to decide to either give DJ a higher fight pay or give him PPV points.

        • deepgrim

          lets be real, dj made excuses to avoid tj last fight to break the record, he said tj might not make weight even tho borg has a history of missing weight himself, said borg was a number 1 contender even tho he was on a 2 fight win streak and beat no top 5 ever. Frankie edgar was granted a titleshot as a former champ when he dropped down to face aldo,

    • Kris-tyahn

      Not to mention he destroyed Barao twice, a guy who was murdering people for almost a decade and then he KO’d a guy who hadn’t lost & was KO’ing people and made Cruz look silly. Pretty sure Dillashaw isn’t afraid of anyone in his division. He wants to be like McGregor and be the 6th man to win multiple titles in diff weight classes, which will be the new norm now. Unfortunately!

      • Shock Wave

        Cody made Cruz look stupid.
        TJ lost to Cruz.
        Dodging like McGregor,
        Only he’s not McGregor.

  • FeministFriendly

    Somebody said well why not make it at 135 for TJ’s title?
    I suppose because TJ is the one making the challenge.

    DJ is the one who needs to say,
    well lets do it in your territory for your belt.

  • Fester

    Has UFC always allowed fighters to dictate the fight calendar or did that begin with White pandering to McChicken.

  • ShawnKarr

    This fight needs to happen at 135. DJ has cleaned out his division. Dillishaw has not. The fact that he was wants to challenge a smaller fighter instead of trying to avenge a loss says volumes about his character.