TJ Dillashaw Seeks Redemption From Team Alpha Male Against Garbrandt


TJ Dillashaw is ready to get his shot at Cody Garbrandt.

The two former teammates’ relationship took a spill following Dillashaw’s departure from Team Alpha Male (TAM), opting to follow former TAM head-coach Duane Ludwig to Colorado. After the former bantamweight champion’s departure some bad blood between Dillashaw and TAM founder Urijah Faber began to take the mixed martial arts (MMA) newswire by storm.

After dropping his title to Dominick Cruz back in January of 2016 Dillashaw has once again found himself in the title picture as he sits at the No. 1-ranked position in the UFC’s bantamweight rankings. Fate will have it, however, that the champion he challenges this time around won’t be Cruz, but instead former TAM teammate Cody Garbrandt.

The pair will collide for the UFC’s bantamweight throne at UFC 213 live on pay-per-view (PPV) from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 8, 2017. In the lead-up to their bout the two adversaries have been coaching opposite one another on the 25th season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF 25).

Dillashaw recently did an interview with (via MMA Mania) to promote the show, and claimed that the season will show Garbrandt’s true colors to the MMA world:

“You definitely learn some new things about his character and who he is,” Dillashaw said. “In my mind, he’s not a very good person — he’s about himself and very selfish, and that also comes across in training. I saw a lot of new things that I’m going to be able to use to my advantage in this training camp and in our fight.

“I don’t feel like he shows anybody any respect,” he continued. “He’s got a chip on his shoulder and I can’t wait to make him pay for it.”

Aside from attempting to regain the bantamweight title and put an abrupt end to ‘No Love’s’ short reign as 135-pound champ, Dillashaw also sees his fight against Garbrandt as an opportunity at redemption against TAM who he feel’s ‘burned’ him:

“I think the redemption theme for me is redemption against my old team (Team Alpha Male), the guys that have kind of burned me, the guys that stabbed me in the back a little bit,” he said. “My redemption is proving them all wrong, showing that I did make the right choice in my life and telling my story.

“Everything’s been in the public eye so much about me moving and following (coach) Duane (Ludwig) out to Colorado,” Dillashaw continued. “But, I don’t feel like the true story has ever been told.”

You can check out the season premiere of TUF 25, appropriately titled TUF: “Redemption”, tonight (Wed. April 19, 2017) at 10 P.M. ET on FS1.

  • Shock Wave

    I can see TJ losing by violent KO.

    • Juan Diablo

      We can only hope the Snake goes out like that. What a fake POS he is…

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    People, including myself, have forgotten that Cody is already booked

    And DJ needs to superfight whichever man is standing at 135 after that

    • Juan Diablo

      DJ is skuuurd until after he breaks the record

  • Wabbit

    Dillashaw imitates Cruz’s style of attacking by darting in and out; Garbrandt solved that riddle and beat up Cruz, what makes Dillashaw believe he has a better shot than the guy he imitates.

    • Murdock

      Because he got through John Lineker, who calls himself Hands of Stone and yet wasn’t able to lay a finger on Dillashaw.

      • JamesC

        Agreed… I have seen TJ in now in 6 fights were he looked like a true next level champion (Baroa x2, Cruz, Lineker and Assuciao) in all but the Cruz fight the other guy looked like they did not belong out there with him. He has improved in each performance…the only performance where he didnt look better than the previous was the Soto fight.

        I have only seen Cody in 2 such fights where he looked like a champoin against championship level fighters (Cruz and Almeida).

        Cody looked great against Dom…but in truth…TJ would have beaten that slightly slower Dom. I am not sold on Cody yet. I am not even interested in a superfight with him a DJ. Waaay more interested in TJ vs DJ

    • JamesC

      You dont understand either of their styles if you think that TJ mimicks Cruz. Yes they use alot of movement…but that is like comparing Chuck Liddell to Anderson Silva because they both use alot of strikes. They are totally different.

      TJ’s movement is for the purpose of hiding his attacks…you never know when or what he is doing. The purpose is primarily offense and is meant to be aggressive.

      Cruz movement is more defensive to make you show your reaction make you miss, put you in a bad position so he can return fire. It is defensive in nature. Its meant to stop your offense. It requires him making alot of reads on what you are trying to do and actually manipulating you to do what he wants you to do. It requires cardio, intelligence and speed…in that order.

      TJs style requires speed, power, athletcism and cardio…in that order to be effective.