Strikeforce Miami Weigh-Ins: Fighters hit the scale


  • WAR DIAZ!!!!!!!
    man he has a reach advantage and height.
    Marius better have been practicing that highkick on a giraffe
    Appears Nick is trying to change his image.
    That or he simply respects this guy more than your usual opponent.

  • Cyborg is hot as, I don’t care what anyone says.

  • what a stare: Coenen / Cyborg!!
    Wins of the night:
    Nick diaz,
    Herschel Walker (he looks chiseled; clearly he’s well-prepared for this)
    Bobby Lashley

  • Cyborg looks more and more like a chick on sterioids to me.

  • Yeah the funny thing is that shitforce as you call them put on cards at least if not better then the UFC.

  • new champ diaz.

  • wot a load of shite

  • cyborg looks like a tranny . she is half man half woman. if think it will be a lil ass gurl that takes her title.

  • zaromskis is a one trick pony, diaz will win tht fight easily

  • NOT!

  • o really? we now see who knows their MMA you noobies

  • you were correct

  • FAIL!!!!!!!!!

  • yes we did noob

  • dream = overrated just like Aoki

  • lol told you so! and my perdition’s will be the same as i told you all for the 3 lil rude brits