Derrick Lewis Hoping Francis Ngannou Beats Stipe Miocic


Heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis is currently preparing for a bout against Marcin Tybura at UFC Fight Night 126 on Feb. 18 in Austin, Texas, but he’s also keeping a close eye on the upcoming heavyweight title bout between champion Stipe Miocic and red hot knockout artist Francis Ngannou, which is set to take place at UFC 220 on Jan. 20 in Boston.

While Ngannou has been rising through the ranks with a string of brutal knockout victories, Lewis has recently been dealing with injuries, but he feels as if the UFC needs to show him some love as well:

“I just think it’s racist, man,” joked Lewis (18-5 MMA, 9-3 UFC) in an interview with MMAjunkie.” “I’m an American black guy. He’s from France. They’ve got to step their game up. You’ve got to show me some love. I’ve been through more than he has.”

As far as his future goes, Lewis is planning to get through Tybura before he sets his sights on the heavyweight crown. And when he does receive a title shot, he’s hoping it comes against Ngannou:

“I believe it’s going to be a good fight,” Lewis said. “Stipe has been rocked before; Francis, he hasn’t really been touched before, so it’s going to be an interesting matchup. But hopefully Francis wins, and then I’m going to come in line and I’m going to take Francis out.

“That’s the fight I want after this fight (against Tybura). Hopefully, everything goes good, and that’s the fight I want.”

Do you expect “The Predator” to get by Miocic next month?

  • OneFootFriendly

    And I’ll give you one guess why.

    Heres a hint, Black beast is a little bit of a racist.
    Not in an “evil” just to be mean way, just in a stupid way that ignorant people are.
    People who cant think for themselves and are raised on a race-baiting media.

    I’ll put it this way, Beast see’s everything through his race googles and would never root for Stipe or anybody who looks like Stipe whether he particularly likes Ngannou or not.

    • FatalTomato

      Now, now. You speak as if you live in America. What would you know?

      He wouldn’t be any more of a racist than, lets see, Tyrone Woodley who can’t understand why people don’t like him, and Rashad Evans who ran from DC because of a ‘brotha’ thing. It’s like the two, or three, of them walk into a gym and look for the ‘brothas’ working there, and those working out first, before working out themselves.

      Damn googles . . . Damn racism . . . Damn eyes . . .

      • Draven

        rashad ran from dc? haha. rashad can’t even win fights anymore. what u talking about, man?

    • JamesC

      My original reply was mysteriously deleted…but I will summarize.

      1. He is not a racist because he was not being inflammatory to another group like Colby or making sweeping generalizations about a group.

      2. He was rooting for someone who he sees himself in. No different than an Irish person rooting for Conor or an American rooting for an American at the Olympics.

      3. For African Americans race is in almost every interaction of life so (getting a job, seeing cops, going to the mall, getting a loan, buying a home). White privledge is the state of being wherein you do not what that experience is.

      • OneFootFriendly

        “1. He is not a racist because he was not being inflammatory to anothergroup like Colby or making sweeping generalizations about a group.”

        But thats a convenient distinction for you to make.
        That its only “racist” when it suits a certain criteria like inflammatory language, regardless of actual intent.

        Thats the shifty racism of a white liberal who behaves as race-baiting/racist as they want for a living, as long as they are dishonest enough to not SAY anything racist. (Although of course they do, but only towards white people.)

        “2. He was rooting for someone who he sees himself in. No different than an Irish person rooting for Conor or an American rooting for an American at the Olympics.”

        Like white people rooting for other white people?
        But you would play real outraged and call a white person a racist for that.

        The point being, that all racism isn’t necessarily bad racism.
        Some of its just the herd instinct of rooting for or being around people that you have something in common with.

        I didn’t say lewis was necessarily a bad guy, just a little racist.

        • JamesC

          1.its the distinction and an important one. Not sure where you are getting the white liberal thing from. Sounds like you might be race baiting. Btw…you do know racism is real? So when someone mentions issues of race more often than not it’s real. Just because you don’t experience it because of privilege or lack of experience doesnt mean it’s fake.

          2. White people root for white people all the time and it’s not considered racist (Larry bird, tom Brady, Notre dame, Conor mcgregor, ). In MMA Brazilians root for Brazilians. There is nothing wrong with it. To me if anything is wrong is if you are rooting against someone because of race. (Ex. People who hated Bird cuz he was white, peeps who hated onTiger or the Williams sisters)

          3. Racism is thinking your race is superior or another is inferior solely because of race. Not sure I heard anything like that or even implied from Derrick. It is sort of racist to think that he developed his understanding of race from white liberals, instead of his lived experience.

        • JamesC

          Ok…I responded to the comments of this guy 2x. Why do his comments that are prejudice at best stay and my comments that point out the flaws of his argument get deleted…it’s odd

  • Draven

    Derrick Lewis is a delusional meathead as usual. He needs a few more big wins before he can talk about title shots.

  • JamesC

    edit delete