Demian Maia and Josh Koscheck reportedly set for UFC 163


Lately rumors swirled that Demian Maia might face off against Nick Diaz sometime later this year, possibly at the UFC’s return to Rio in August. Other plans came today from NewsMMA, who reported that Maia will fight at UFC 163 in Rio against Josh Koscheck. Many think that Maia is on the verge of a title shot, but will a win over Josh Koscheck get him there?

Most likely not, as Jake Ellenberger is fighting Rory MacDonald at July 27th’s UFC on Fox 8. That matchup of #3 vs. #4 at 170 lbs. would seem to hold more title implications than a Koscheck/Maia showdown. But there was a shortage of top contenders without a fight, so the outspoken Kos finds himself with a golden opportunity to knock off one of the division’s hottest fighters in Maia.

The recent exploits of Maia and Koscheck couldn’t be more different, as Maia has blitzkrieged through the division by beating Dong Hyun Kim, Rick Story, and Jon Fitch in dominating fashion. Koscheck, on the other hand, finds himself at a career crossroads having uncharacteristically lost 3 out of his last 5. He was last seen getting TKO’ed in the first by Robbie Lawler at UFC 157 in an uninspired performance. If he can beat Maia, it would prove he still has some relevancy left.

But another loss could send Kos closer to retirement, and beating Maia will be no easy task considering the absolute ground clinic he exhibited on Kos’s former training partner Jon Fitch. UFC 163 will feature Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis for the UFC Featherweight title as the main event. With this pivotal welterweight matchup added to the fray, the event is starting to shape up for a summer that could quite exciting for the UFC.

  • Another loss for Josh

  • Josh would be crazy to accept this fight. He needs a couple safe wins before he starts taking risks again. A loss could get him out of the UFC (Fitch style)

  • Koscheck always steps up to fight anyone on the roster. Koscheck has some power in his hands but he is going to have to rely on that because Damien maia is too dangerous on the mat.

  • Kos has better takedown defense than Fitch, is more athletic and hits harder but I don't think his submission grappling is on par with Fitch and that is the main concern when going against Maia.

    I think Maia will eventually get Kos down but will actually get the sub, likely a RNC.

    Rankings wise, this fight is plain stupid. Unless all the other un-matched top guys have secret injuries then this is one very weird match up.

  • On the face of it, this is an interesting match-up. However, given that Maia is on a 3 fight win streak and Koscheck a 2 fight losing streak and the fact the Maia is climbing the 170 ladder (ranked @ 5) and Kos barely hanging on to ranked status @ 10, this is a difficult match to fathom. I would much rather have seen Demian get the winner of MacDonald / Ellenberger.

    I'm beginning to doubt Dana on his…"we want to give the fans the fights they want to see", statements. I didn't want to see Jones / Sonnen. I don't want to see Maia / Koscheck. It really does beg the question, what is the point of rankings? I know if I was Maia or his manager, I'd be ticked off. This fight does nothing for Maia, in terms of his 170 ranking and it does nothing for getting Maia closer to a title shot. Which, oddly enough, is a fight that I and probably many other fans, would like to see. That is, if Dana cares.

    For me, the way this should have broken was Maia vs. the winner of MacDonald / Ellenberger, with the winner of that fight getting the winner of GSP / Hendricks. Those would have all been great and meaningful bouts. Instead, what we've been given is another BS fight, regardless of whether or not it's an interesting match-up, stylistically.

    • I think Maia would beat GSP, UFC is protecting GSP from this fight. It should be the next shot in line after Hendricks

      • @David…GSp is definetly a cash cow for the UFC. But he hasn't got any easy fights ahead of him

    • nicely said ….

  • yeee

  • See ya' Kos. Maybe go fight with your boy Fitch in the "never heard of them" league.

  • I still don't understand why the UFC pulls bs such as this sometimes,Maia has been on a roll,why would he fight Kos who you just creamed by Robbie in the 1st round? really Joe Silva? GTFO with this horseshit already man! give Maia the fight he deserves! if you are gonna give him a guy coming off a loss at least give him Condit,also there's Rory,Matt Brown,but not Kos! get a clue!!!

  • Kos by KO at some point is my prediction.

    Sometimes Dana, Lorenzo, and crew make some head scratching decisions. Maia is on a hell of a run. Could be considered top 5 in the divisions, and is possibly one fight away from a title shot. As David points out above, he also is a dark horse candidate by many fans to dethrone GSP (personally I completely disagree with that, but its still a prevalent thought). Why put him in against Kos when Condit and Diaz are both out there, have more name value right now, and are better match ups for him stylistically?

    Doesn't make sense to me, but Zuffa's been at this for a while so they always have multiple challengers in waiting. If Maia loses there's the Ellenberger-MacDonald winner, the Saffiedine-Lawler winner, the Woodley-Shields winner, and Hendricks isn't even signed for the fight yet so it isn't the biggest deal in the world.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at the future UFC WW Champ.

  • The UFC is protecting GSP? The same GSP who the UFC gave Shields, Condit and Diaz as opponents and is now giving him Hendricks? Get a life. This match up doesn't make much sense but using it to shore up some deluded sense that GSP is protected by the UFC, is as childish as it is stupid.

    I don't see Koscheck handling Maia's jitz. Fitch couldn't handle it and he is better than Kos. As far as Maia beating GSP, it gets old, GSP could lose to anyone on any given night such is the depth of the division but every time someone is on a roll people jump on the bandwagon without realising that GSP is probably the smartest fighter in the game with possibly the best MMA wrestling ever.

    • yes I think the UFC is protection GSP from Maia, and GSP previous defenses have nothing to do with his up coming fights, and please dont bring up one dimensional Shields or Hardy