Demian Maia And Jake Shields Verbally Agree To Fight This Fall


Demian Maia has taken the 170 lb. division by storm since cutting the extra 15lbs. from Middleweight. The former 185 lb. title challenger was slated to take on Josh Koscheck at UFC 163, until Kos had to withdraw from the bout due to injury. Rumours of Nick Diaz stepping in to replace Kos have circulated, but it looks like Jake Shields willl now face Maia at an unnamed Brazilian UFC event this fall.

According to, Maia and Shields have verbally agreed to the bout. I have to say that I was surprised when I first heard the news, because Maia is certainly much higher up the food chain than Shields. Although Shields is unbeaten since 2011, he has only competed three times in that gap.

After beating Yoshihiro Akiyama by decision at UFC 144, Shields went on to decision Ed Herman, only to fail a post fight drug test. After serving a nine-month suspension, Shields returned to action at UFC 161, beating promotional newcomer Tyrone Woodley in a controversial decision.

Maia, on the other hand, is on an absolute tear. Most recently dominating Jon Fitch for three rounds, he also finished Dong Hyun Kim and Rick Story in his two previous bouts. Shields wouldn’t be a huge victory for Maia, who is already being talked about in the title mix, but it would certainly put Maia right up there in the most stacked division around.

I personally think this is a great match up for Maia and a terrible one for Shields. Maia is an absolute powerhouse at 170, with ever-improving striking. Grappling may be about even, but I don’t think this fight is going Shields’ way at all. That being said, I’ve been wrong in the past, and MMA isn’t the easiest sport to predict.

  • Great article but Maia and Shield's grappling is not on the same level

  • A fight that should have happened before Maia climbed up the rankings of the 170 pounders, would love to see the fight, but I think Maia deserves a higher ranked fight.

  • I agree- Maia definitely deserves a better fight, but DAM this should be interesting for us fans of BJJ! I'm wondering if this will play out like that scene where Yoda and Palpetine agree that they have to use their "knowledge of the force" to resolve their dispute and just start from the knees ala BJJ class, LOL. I'm curious- who do you think has the better stand up?

  • D

    "Smashing" Jon Fitch? Interesting word choice there. Not sure what you were watching.

    • your right mousasi. Outclass, dominate or just easily beat would be better suited. Smashed is more appropriate to describe damage in a fight

  • Awesome fight!!!!! Crazy ground skills from both guys with an edge for Maia…one of the few guys that could upset Maia on the floor…..maybe the only one at 170.

  • This is a very interesting fight. Everyone talks sh^t about Shields's striking but he has won his last three with striking. Maia is the more powerful striker but Shields is clearly able to out point guys. I think the stand up is pretty even. On the ground I think Maia has the clear edge but Shields is good enough to make it interesting. I will probably take Maia in the picks but I will be very interested to see who does what in this fight.

  • People forget how good Shields is on the ground but people never forget how good Maia is down there and that is for a reason.

    If Shields gets hold of a guillotine he can definetly finish Maia but I think outside of that Maia should dominate him… this is a high level BJJ world champion and someone who was close to or arguably beat Jacare in a grappling match (Gi to be fair but still the point stands).