Germaine De Randamie Releases Statement On Featherweight Title Situation

Photo by Ed Mulholland - USA TODAY Sports

Germaine de Randamie’s title reign as the first women’s featherweight championship will certainly go down as one of the most cotroversial in UFC history.

After defeating Holly Holm for the newly-created division at UFC 208 in Brooklyn, “The Iron Lady” made it perfectly clear that she would not fight fellow 145-pounder Cris “Cyborg” Santos, citing the Brazilian’s past and present problems testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Being that the UFC essentially created the division for “Cyborg”, de Randamie’s refusal to defend her belt against the clear-cut number one contender forced the UFC’s hand in stripping her of the belt.

De Randamie spoke about being stripped of the belt for the first time via Instagram this week.

“As many of you will know, the UFC has stripped me from the belt,” de Randamie wrote. “For those of us who do not know what that means; The UFC has unpacked my title because I refuse to fight against their number one challenger. (I have my reasons for that). It’s great to hear this news from the media and I’m sorry that it’s running, but it’s what it is!

“Well, I hear you thinking again ‘She’s scared! What a bad champion! A shame for the sport! She did not deserve to be a champion!”, etc, etc. I’ve seen it all over. But apart from what everyone thinks, I’m walking my own path. And there you can agree or not.”

However, de Randamie did say that the incident will affect her career as a fighter.

“That I’m stripped does not mean I’m going to stop,” de Randamie said. The UFC is not long for me! It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.”

“Cyborg” will instead face up-and-comer Megan Anderson for the vacated belt at UFC 214. Prior to the creation of the women’s featherweight division, “Cyborg” had fought her first two UFC bouts at a catch weight of 140 pounds.

  • Jamie Eyles

    GDR, you cheated and should not have won the belt but then made every excuse to defend it, so you should be stripped. That said, McChicken won’t defend his belts either, yet Danass allows him to. UFC is a joke. Dans is killing it.

    • JamesC

      I dont have a problem generally speaking with someone not wanting to fight a known PED user or even someone who is suspect (Yoel Romero). Here is one problem with this, She knew going in that if she beat Holm she would eventually have to fight Cyborg. So if you knew you would NEVER fight her, then why not just stay at 135?

      That would be like DC refusing to fight Jones after getting the interim title.

      • Allen Eltor

        I think the dope checkers apologized to Romero didn’t they?

    • Robert Rasor

      McGregor is doing so much more for the sport than any other fighter, he is making the ascent with the sport and everyone else will rise with him. Conor Bless.

  • jess fenchley

    Shes the champ and thats in the books. Anything after the fact is redundant. Shes not the only one to ignore fighting a drug cheating man chick. Miss grunt and run and her entire team choose not to fight guyroid also

    • Robert Rasor

      Paper Champ, a real champ takes on all comers. She knew she would fight Cyborg, but she didn’t feel like it. There’s no saving face for her on this one.

      • jess fenchley

        Yep you’re right but the history and record books differ. Until she is stripped of the title she still is champ and no one beat her to take it away

  • Robert Rasor

    By fighting she would’ve committed career suicide 80 percent chance, by not fighting, she would’ve committed career suicide 100 percent chance. Either way, she’s screwed… If she would’ve had at least more respect from the MMA community if she at least attempted to fight Cyborg.

  • Robert Rasor

    I think it would’ve been a better play for Anderson to fight GDR win and THEN fight Cyborg, then that would’ve been a bigger fight and both girls would have more star power.

  • John Valentine

    You cannot call yourself a champion when you are finding excuses to defend your belt.Lets see if they are going to do it to every “champion”. UFC has to many hype window dressing belts.