Davis Looking To Submit Machida At UFC 163


UFC 163 is fast approaching and with it an interesting match-up between 2 big 205 contenders, Phil Davis and Lyoto Machida.

Both are on 2 fight winning streaks and a win would propel either’s career. For Machida, it would most probably assure him the winner of Jones / Gustafsson. For Davis, it would put him in the mix for a title shot and elevate him beyond his current #8 ranking in the UFC light heavyweight division.

“Mr. Wonderful” is respectful of Machida’s style and talent and says of him, that he is “unique…and quite effective of catching people rushing in.”

Davis has a plan though and that’s to stick to his “bread-and-butter” and that if Machida’s “tricks are not working that night, it will be a rough night.”

However, can Davis stop Machida’s tricks?

Of the quality wrestlers he’s faced before, only Jon Jones has been able to stop him. Of his 3 losses in 14 fights, “The Dragon” has only been submitted once and again, that was by Jones.

On the face of it Davis has his work cut out for him, but then again, so does Machida. Mr. Wonderful says that his “plan is to go back to Rio and get another submission win and build (his) legacy that way” and he espouses it with Weidman-esque confidence.To that end, if there’s a wrestler at 205 other than Jones who might be able to submit Machida, then my money would be on Davis.

However and as a word to the wise in Davis’s camp, Lyoto has the best stand-up of any fighter Phil has faced to date and in order to get “The Dragon” down, a fighter must first get to him and that is not an easy task to accomplish; Machida is not Vinny Magalhaes (on the feet).

As a big fan of both fighters, I am looking forward to this match and more so than the top of the card.