Daniel Cormier still looking at 205 even after past kidney failure


While much has been made about Daniel Cormier moving down to light heavyweight to face Jon Jones for the title, stories of his kidneys going through hell and back have seemed to combat this rumor. And apparently, these stories are no doubt true, as Cormier told USA Today about his trying times as an Olympic Wrestler in 2008:

“It was very scary. I was in the hospital. I was getting IV bags, not really eating food. I couldn’t recover from the weight cut.”

“I had been cutting weight for a really long time,” Cormier said. “I think I started when I was 13, but I was doing it the wrong way. I put (a plastic sweatsuit) on a week before I weighed in, and I would just start sucking out that water. … Your body can only take so much. I was beating it down every time. It was very scary.”

Cormier sheds light on an oft-discussed topic as he heads into his UFC on FOX 7 co-main event tilt with Frank Mir. Mir is a bout Cormier has wanted for a long while now, as the two were set to face off last November until a Mir injury delayed the fight. However, should Cormier win that bout and maybe one or two more, he would definitely be in line for a UFC Heavyweight title shot, which would put him directly in the line of friend and training partner Cain Velasquez.

That’s a fight he’s not willing to take, so the move down to 205 is still something Cormier is going to entertain, weight –cutting issues and all. He believes that he’s a lot smarter now, and could make the cut with greater efficiency:

“Physically, I’m different now. When I was saying that I couldn’t make light heavyweight, it wasn’t happening. At my heaviest, I was 264 pounds. I was consistently weighing in for fights at 250 pounds, and that was after training camps. I was losing 7, 8 pounds and being 250 pounds at weigh-ins.”

“Now, I wake up in the morning, and I’m 234 pounds. That’s almost a 20-pound difference. Now it seems realistic. I’m lighter now than even when I was wrestling.”

Indeed, Cormier is much lighter than his days at Oklahoma State and the Olympics. He still has 29 lbs. to cut in order to face the dominant champion in Jon Jones, but many see Cormier as the only many who can dethrone ‘Bones.’

It may be the only way to go for Cormier if he truly wants a UFC title while Cain Velasquez reigns over the 265 lb. division. Cormier must get past Frank Mir first, which is no easy task, but if he does, will a bout with Jon Jones loom on the not-so-distant horizon?

  • Good news! I hope to see him fighting for the LHW title at the end of the year!

  • 2 words: "Mike Dolce"… !!!

  • Well since people think Anderson weighs 220 and cuts 35 pounds for each fight then he should have no trouble getting to 205.

  • he should be starting to use some steroids so that he can make it at 205 just like cyborg and anderson silva.

  • i think he cant make the 205 because he is always entering the eating contest, thats why this guy is so freaking fat, i want tank abbot vs dc in an eating contest, i wish there were eating contest for the fighters after the weigh in.