Daniel Cormier Says He Will Beat Up On Frank Mir For 15 Minutes


Strikeforce Grand Prix winner and former Olympian Daniel Cormier is set to face former UFC champion Frank Mir at UFC on Fox 7. Cormier took the MMA world by storm after coming in as a replacement in the Strikeforce GP, destroying  ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and beating Josh Barnett to capture the crown.

In a recent interview, Frank Mir was quoted saying “He (Cormier) doesn’t have much finishing ability”, it would seem these words didn’t fall on deaf ears. Cormier, not usually known for pre-fight trash talking, had this to say in response to Mir when speaking to BleacherReport:

“There are select few people in this world that can be in a situation that’s supposed to humble you and it just doesn’t happen. I think that’s happened time and time again with Frank. He’s talked about Brock (Lesnar) and he got beat up by Brock, and he still talks bad about Brock. Case one, Frank should have been humbled by the beating Brock put on him, but it didn’t work.”

It would appear that Mir’s words may have gotten under Cormier’s skin, whether this is a good thing for Mir or not is yet to be seen. DC continued:

“To the point of me not being a guy that can finish fights, I’m going to tell you right now and this is 100 percent true—Frank Mir says I can’t finish fights? Okay that’s fine,”Cormier said. “My intention in this fight is not to finish Frank Mir. I’m going beat up on Frank Mir for 15 minutes and I’m going to make him stay in that cage with me.”

“If Frank Mir gets finished, it will be because he quit.”

I can’t help but think that a motivated, aggressive or angry Cormier is going to be a lot harder to deal with for Mir. Although we have seen fighters lose their cool in the past and blow it, but Mir’s suspect chin could be a telling factor here.

Whatever the case, these two heavyweight warriors will go to war on April 20th, and I will be watching for sure. Thanks for reading and stay tuned to Lowkick for more pre-fight coverage!

  • Don't over-estimate his jaw homie. You may accidentally knock him out and ruin the plan.

  • So does he mean he as no intention of going for a finish?

    • that is pretty much what he is saying. throwing sarcasm at frank, since frank said he cannot finish, he will not finish on purpose, and just beat on him for 15 min.

      • gm1

        NO…he is merely replying to Franks s*&t talking that he didnt have much finishing ability. I find it odd coming from from when he really hasnt done much in terms of finishes….In fact his sorry a^& has gotten finished several times…..
        I think DC now doesnt care about finishing but just BEATING HIM

  • I don't see Frank lasting too long if DC gets his hands on him. Frank's chin is made out of the same material as Cindarella's favorite slipper

  • Any strategy, no matter how confident or well founded, should ever look to do anything other than finish an opponent. To do otherwise, is to invite defeat.

  • DG1

    Big Nog had the chance to finish Frank with strikes and decided to go for the sub instead, and the rest is history. If he gives Frank 15 minutes to grab a limb, you never know what might happen.

  • Dont ever count frank out, just saying

    • True that, always like to see Francis Miranda in the cage, and always want him to win, but history has shown his lack of ability to take a powerful punch, at the same time, he has one himself, but less ability to land it than most other good HW strikers. I doubt he will hit DC like he did Congo. I think the only way Frank wins is by sub, should Dan utilize his wrestling to take it to the ground…but he probably knows its best to keep it standing, and out strike the slower Mir. DC has the skills to dictate where this fight takes place. FM does not have the explosive TD needed, but may power him down in the clinch. At the same time, Franks ego and determination to prove his striking is underrated may be his demise, less he land that punchers chance bomb.

      I'm sticking with my first response at the top, DC by accidental KO. Look to see the same celebration reaction as Rashad vs Chuck when he did the Red Fox heart attack shuffle.