Daniel Cormier Says Frank Mir Isn’t A Step Up In Competition


Daniel Cormier will face Frank Mir in his UFC debut this Saturday. UFC On Fox 7 could prove to be a pivotal point in both fighters careers, possibly marking the beginning of the end for Mir, and the start of a journey for Cormier or Mir could prove the critics wrong. Either way I’m really excited about this card and especially Mir vs. Cormier.

Daniel Cormier recently spoke to BloodyElbow about Frank Mir, Jon Jones, wrestling and more:

“I’m ready to try out some of the stuff I’ve been working on in the gym, and really ready to just get in there again and test my skills. That’s the best thing about fighting, to me. I get to go out there and use all my new tools on a big stage against a guy that knows what he’s doing. The uncertainty of it all just adds to the feeling. It’s awesome. I love it.”

Cormier was then asked if he felt fighting Mir was a step up in competition:

“You know, I don’t feel like it’s that much of a step up, honestly. I don’t know if that’s just my respect for Josh Barnett and Bigfoot Silva, but those guys are really good. I don’t think many guys are a step up from those two. Bigfoot just beat Alistair Overeem, and Josh has long been considered one of the best in the world, and still is, in my opinion. I think anytime you start thinking about taking a step up from Josh or Bigfoot, you can only look to Cain for that position, or maybe Junior dos Santos. Really, those two are the only ones that are better than the rest of the guys in the division.”

“I’m supposed to go in there on Saturday and beat Frank Mir. If I don’t do that, then all that Jon Jones talk doesn’t mean anything. My focus is on Frank, and it has been for a really long time. I am fully aware if I don’t take care of this business in front of me, all that other stuff ain’t gonna happen.”

Obviously Cormier is confident in his skills, and he sounds like his mental preparation is sound. Cormier continued:

“I have a lot of faith in myself. That’s why I’ve trained and prepared so hard. I’m ready to go in there and do what I’m supposed to do on Saturday, and that’s get my hand raised. It’s not arrogance or cockiness. It’s just believing in what I’ve done in the gym, believing in myself and believing in my team. I think we’ve done everything we can possibly do to prepare for this fight, and if it doesn’t happen, and I lose that fight somehow, it will just be because Frank Mir was the better man, and I will be able to admit that.”

I personally have this scrap picked for FOTN, I think it is going to be an all out war. Mir’s time at Jackson’s working on conditioning, cardio and technique might be the start of a brand new fighter on Saturday. Cormier will bring his A-game and help make this a top notch match, hopefully. Just three more days, so stay tuned to Lowkick!