Daniel Cormier: Roy Nelson Can’t Score A Takedown On Me, Are You Crazy?


Next weekend’s huge UFC 166 event from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas will feature a pivotal co-main event showdown between heavyweights Daniel Cormier and Roy “Big Country” Nelson.

The No. 2-ranked Cormier has only had one fight in the Octagon, a lackluster decision win over Frank Mir at UFC on Fox 7 this April. He’ll look to rebound strong with a win over an established veteran like Nelson, who was upset by Stipe Miocic at June’s UFC 161.

The two fighters had a much-publicized spat in the media leading up to the signing of the bout, and Cormier recently appeared in a UFC interview to address his polarizing opponent:

“You can talk, and you can talk s***, but at the end of the day, we get to go into a cage and hit each other in the face. My wrestling advantage is the biggest advantage in the fight, hands down. You can say whatever you want, you can dislike me, you can call me whatever you want, but at the end of the day, you’ll respect me what I can do. He can’t score a takedown on me. C’mon. Are you crazy? I’m gonna beat Roy Nelson because I’m better than him.”

If Cormier does beat Nelson handily, there’s really not anywhere else for him to go but towards a title shot. It’s widely known that Cormier won’t fight good friend and training partner Cain Velasquez, so the only scenario where Cormier would fight for the 265 –pound crown would be following a Junior Dos Santos win.

On the other hand, it’s rumored that DC has already begun the process of cutting down to light heavyweight in order to face dominant champion Jon Jones. We’ll see what kind of shape he shows up in at UFC 166. Nelson has also released a photo of himself looking to have lost a ton of weight.

It’s going to be quite the interesting co-main event at UFC 166. Does the No. 9 Nelson have a chance to derail Cormier’s hype train, or will a DC win cause a huge mess at the top of the UFC heavyweight division?


  • Well Cormier, there aren't too many guys seen as strikers that cant put away Frank Mir at this point in his career. The fact that you couldnt and the fact that Roy can knock you into neverland, doesnt bode well for you. If you take Roy down, you better be damnnn careful, he is a blackbelt in BJJ. I think he's going to smash you personally, so good luck big guy.

    • D

      Cormier doesn't need to take Roy down. He has much crisper striking technique, and a huge hand speed advantage. Roy's main weapon is his overhand right, which is most effective against taller fighters. Cormier knows this, and will be looking out for it. Roy more or less has a punchers chance. Cormier will pick him apart standing, and if he does go for takedowns, it will be at the end of the round to score points. He is a brown belt himself though, and Roy has not submitted anyone since 2006, and he has never pulled off a submission from his back, so I don't think Cormier has as much to worry about on the ground as you're saying.

      Roy has a helluva chin, so Cormier by decision. Not even close though.

      • @mousasi, thank you. Nelson's BJJ is strong no doubt about it, but he hasn't really showed anything of late not mention we've seen more and more strong wrestling negates BJJ most of the time. DC being the strongest type of wrestler should have no problem controlling Nelson if he decides to take him down. He will take him down throughout the fight but not for long unless he senses he's in control. He will pick Nelson apart standing like any other fast handed HW striker has done, Nelson's only chance is flash K.O. D.c By dominant UD

      • Of course one shot is often all it takes for Roy. I dont dislike DC but he's not near as humble as he was entering Strikeforce. It will be interesting.

        • He doesnt have to be humble.. he needs to get in there and put a whoopin* on people… there's only so much "crap" you can take from people,. Roy likes to run his mouth and so does Jones and now that DC reacts he's not "humble" anymore? This is the fight business.. the mental fight is almost as important as the physical one and when 2 men (or women) are getting ready to jump into the octagon to try and rip eachother to shreds… "tension" and "words" are to be expected!

    • DC played safe in the fight with Mir, he was overly cautious. He just wanted to make sure he won his debut by any means necessary. Don't let that sh*t fool you!
      He'll make a statement next week…

  • if roy's not gasing, i think he has a pretty good chance. would be a huge win for him though.

    • The only good chance he'll have if he doesn't gas out, is losing by DC…. that by itself will be a huge win for him! Cormier is gonna put a whoopin' on him.. !

  • DC will destroy cheeseburger Nelson…. Burger man looked terrible on his last fight.. He only has a puncher's chance against DC.. Just like Mr. excuses crybaby JDS has against Cain…… DC and Cain will dominate…

  • Am I the only one who thinks Cormier is highly overrated?

    • D

      I sharped you because yes.

    • I think he's a little over rated, but hey, we all have an opinion. We'll know more after the fight I suppose.

    • I also said Overreem was over rated, guess I was wrong there lol

      • unfortunately you were right. I would have loved to see him play a meaningful role in the UFC!

  • I really like this fight. Big Country is always under rated. He has crazy cardio for a round guy. in Tuf 10 i'd honestly say he had the best cardio of that season. I'd actually give the advantage in the later rounds to big country. Country also has the 1 hit power. Something DC hasnt faced yet. Not like Big Country's version of the H-bomb.

    I still see DC taking it. But its his to lose. If he give Big country a chance. BC can beat DC with a sub or overhand right.