Daniel Cormier Likens Jon Jones To A 16 Year Old Girl


Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier might well be laying the path to one of the biggest grudge matches in MMA history. The 205lb. Boss and the undefeated Heavyweight have had a back and forth going for a long time now, this time Cormier is firing back at Jones, who recently called Cormier ‘out of shape’ and ‘not relevant’.

At the Fuel TV UFC 163 post fight presser, Cormier had this to say:

“When I hear his quote, it’s like a 16-year old girl. Jon Jones, grow up bud, we’re going to fight regardless of how you feel. And when we do and I’m cutting the line and you might as well pull the guard because I’m taking you down.”

If Cormier can make the weight cut, and Jones takes the fight, this could well be the greatest grudge match of all time. Especially when you consider that the level of trash talk is equal with that of two fighters that are scheduled to fight. And these two aren’t.

Grudge matches (see Ellenberger vs. MacDonald/Rampage vs. Evans) do have a tendency to be disappointing. Mainly because both parties predict savage finishes, and are often too cautious to engage in fear of, essentially, looking like a dumbass.

Being made to eat humble pie on a stage like the UFC’s is probably one of the hardest things for a pro fighter to deal with. My opinion on the matter is that I would rather go out on my shield than be booed for 15-25 minutes.

I have a feeling that Jones and Cormier won’t be like that. The reason behind that thought comes solely from the fact that I think Bones will get taken down by DC. That is something I’m very interested in seeing.

I know that Jones has a 0 takedown defense record, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get taken. Most people thought Anderson Silva couldn’t be knocked out. Enough said.

I think Cormier will take Jones down at will, and I want to see what happens when he does. I also think that Cormier is more likely to win from top control than Jones is from his back. Only time will tell.

  • DC will take Jones down at some point, then it's just a matter of what he can do there and how long he can keep him there. DC has been hit but much harder punchers than Jones. He'll eat a few of the Jones strikes to get inside and then body him. With the weight cut his cardio will probably be a problem. So he better be able to finish in the 1rst 2 rounds. I don't see that happening. With Jones' long limbs even if taken down he'll be able to wrap him up and hold on for a stand up. Don't rule out the possibility of a sub from his back. Again his long limbs will help him out and he's subbed some people who were supposed to be far better on the ground. I see Jones winning this either way based on overall skill and cardio. DC could floor him with a big knockout punch but the reach makes me lean away from that 1.

    • hold on for a stand up or scramble and sweep*

    • weightcut for DC means a healthier lifestyle… most weight he'll loose is fat… if anything his cardio will be better than ever if he does is "right", which i believe he's doing cause he's taking his time and working with the best in the business to do it. He'll also be a lot faster than he already is. I got DC all the way against Bones… I too believe DC will take Bones down at will and i think his top control and GNP will be too much for Bones. I don't think Bones can really hurt DC on the feet either. DC's used to much harder punches and more strength (read: CAIN)… Bad matchup for Bones period!

      • Weight cut being a healthier lifestyle? absolutely, but if he actually has to drop almost all the way to 205 to make sure he doesn't have to cut alot of water weight he'll be the MUCH smaller fighter on fight night. I don't think he can walk into training at 225 and make 205. His kidneys have been fried so his weight cutting is almost ALL the right way as you put it. The right way in MMA is usually a disadvantage. He won't have the luxury of dropping 20 LBS in the 2 days and swelling back up. He's going to have a ridiculous disadvantage in reach. I did say he's used to getting hit by stronger punchers, but that doesn't mean he'll be able to get passed the knees and strange kicks Jones throws. (yea yea kicks verse wrestlers is dangerous) He's not seemed phased verse any wrestler he's fought. I think Jones wins the fight, I do think DC gives him his best fight.

  • I am going to S*H*I*T the next time a 16 year old girl gives me a dirty look. I don't want to end up like all the former 205 champs of the UFC.

    • Just when you thought the world was a safe place.

    • To all the weakers, I was joking. In case your ******* were all twisted.

  • I don't see DC beating Jones. Everybody talks about wrestling and take downs. Look, Jon's also has the Jackson Camp as well. I don't see him getting owned by wrestling. He's much more dynamic on the ground. The more he fights, the better he uses his body and reach. He does things others guys don't do, because he does techniques that are best for his body and build.

    But again… DC is 5'10" He's the same f'n height as GSP and an inch taller then Aldo and Bendo. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH 205!?! I have yet to see a weight in where he doesn't have fat hanging over his shorts. Dolce diet his *** already. He'd be a middle weight in a year.

    • Bones more dynamic on the ground than DC?? That's a joke.. my dude have u ever seen DC in action?? Lol… he'll SON, Bones on the ground and beat him like a runaway slave…

      • thexperience1 you're insane. just because DC has better pure wrestling credentials does not make him more dynamic on the ground. name 1 person in MMA he's really controlled and put the beating on? I'll wait. Jones makes everyone he fights on the ground look like it's their 1rst time. I'm a HUGE DC fan and I think you're claim that he's more dynamic than Jones is a joke.

  • I don't mind a fighter trying to talk trash to sell their name, but in this case, talk is cheap. Anyone like Cormier, who's kidneys already failed trying to make weight, is going to have big problems doing even a 'normal' weight cut.

    If they fight, it will be if/when Jones goes to to heavyweight.

  • I'm not a Jones fan, but I think DC should shatdafakup, he ain't no Sonnen to talk his way to a fight, he needs to cut weight first, then beat someone of top tier 205ers, then he can talk some Sonnen sh!t, but when and if it happens, I hope he beats Jones via a flying toe hold.

  • Vic

    How is anyone talking about a matchup between these two…? The first thing Cormier needs to do is climb up the ladder with some impressive wins to get even close to Jones.

    • Not quite right, the 1st thing Cormier should do is cut down to 205, then let's consider to speculate if he could win some light heavy matches. Hats off to him if he could do 205, that's gonna show his determination.

    • Climb what ladder? he's 12-0 beat some tough *** competition… is in line for title contention right after JDS but wont fight Cain… so instead of going for the LHW title he drops down to face Bones…. DC has nothing to prove in order to get that shot he already positioned himself to get a title shot. He came into the UFC and could've got the immediate title shot but turned it down cause he doesn't want to fight Cain. He came into the UFC and dominated Mir (not the most exciting fight but he absolutely dominated him). So nothing really changes to his rank.

  • I think dc can win and has the tools to do so I just don't see Jones losing right now. I'd like to see dc fight the winner of bader and glover. I feel glover deserves a shot as much as dc because it's his weight class. Besides it's a big weight drop for dc I think he needs to feel the waters at 205 first. Even tho I feel he will be more explosive and able to move better.

  • Vic

    Let's just line them up to be the next coaches at TUF. How awesome would that be…