Daniel Cormier Considers Anderson Silva & Lyoto Machida As Training Partners For Jon Jones Fight


Streaking UFC light-heavyweight Daniel Cormier will face the biggest challenge of his storied MMA career, as he squares off against undefeated champion Jon Jones at UFC 178. Jones’ ridiculous height and reach advantage over Cormier could be a game changer on fight night, unless DC is able to find some gangly training partners.

Luckily for the former Strikeforce GP winner, he has some great training partners over at the American Kickboxing Academy. Check out what DC had to say about his stablemates while talking to MMAFighting.com:

“I tell Jon Jones, show me two guys who can beat my two main training partners, Cain Velasquez and Luke Rockhold,” Cormier said of his accomplished stablemates at AKA. “You show me your two who are going to prepare you better than my two. So I’m going to rely on my guys, man. I’m going to rely on Cain, I’m going to rely on Luke to help me become the UFC champion. I’m going to reach out a little bit, but I’m not going to stray very far from my comfort zone.”

The credentials of Cormier’s team are obvious, but what isn’t apparent is who could imitate Jones’ style, or more specifically his length. Cormier continues:

“I’ve got some friends and they put me in contact with some of the guys down in southern California, with Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. I may down go there for a week, That’s a possibility. We haven’t worked out all the details, but that is a possibility and we’ll see what happens.”

Lyoto Machida, having fought Jones already, could bring some invaluable experience to the table for Cormier. And who better to imitate a guy like ‘Bones’, than the man that the 205-pound champion claims to have based his style on; Anderson Silva. Could the former middleweight champion ‘The Spider’, and former light-heavyweight boss ‘The Dragon’ help make Cormier the new king at 205?

“Jon Jones is 22-0. He is the pound-for-pound greatest fighter that we may have ever seen, and I believe I can beat him, I believe that on September 27th, reach and height, I don’t think all that’s going to matter. I believe I have the ability to beat Jon. I have the ability to compete with Jon, and I have the confidence in knowing that I can get the job done. This is the first time you have two undefeated guys fighting for a UFC championship. This is a big deal, man.”

DC is right, this is a huge deal, but it would be even bigger if Cormier defies the odds and smashes Jones. Height and reach aside, Jones is human, and everyone is beatable. Do you think that Cormier has the skills to back up his bold statements, or will he become yet another top contender that the champ chews through?