Josh Barnett Wants To Smash UFC Heavyweights And Would Love To Fight Frank Mir


Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani was stacked with some of the biggest names in the MMA business. ‘The Mermaid’ spoke to the likes of Nick Newell, Liz Carmouche, Mike Chiesa, Josh Barnett, Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold and a host of other great guests.

Josh Barnett has been in the news recently for turning down a job offer from the UFC, Helwani questioned ‘The Baby Faced Assassin’ about where he thinks his career is heading:

“I know that after my last fight, contracts are contracts and business is business, but I needed some time to recover from that last fight. Not neccisarily the fight itself but the crap leading in to it. The flu (that I caught) , they were close to calling it an epidemic, it has been good to get some down-time. The right deal hasn’t really put itself together, these promotions have a lot to offer in terms of competition and the opportunity to show fights to a large audience, but you can’t just run out and start punching people without thinking about the business aspect of it. The right scenario has not presented itself yet.”

It seems Barnett does seem to have his head screwed on straight, as far as his career is concerned, as he continued:

“I want to fight in the UFC, not just because there’s people saying ‘I want you to fight Frank Mir‘-and I would love to fight Frank Mir everyday of the week, but the right people haven’t been in place to make it happen. When I was in the UFC Frank Mir wasn’t on my radar, not in my league. Everyone wants to see the fight, i’ve been a top 10 fighter longer than anyone who is active right now, I don’t feel that I can cement my legacy without being in the UFC. I wanna smash these guys faces who everyone thinks are so awesome for whatever reason.”

Something tells me that ‘The Warmaster’ will eventualy make his UFC return. Next up Ariel spoke with Daniel Cormier, after DC and Barnett exchanged some friendly banter, about octagon jitters, and Luke Rockhold:

“I told him (Rockhold) to not waste his energy before the fight, just go in there and do what you do everyday’ said the Strikeforce GP Heavyweight winner in relation to his friend Luke Rockhold. “Luke’s a special talent, and I’m glad everyone is going to get to witness it. Luke trains unbelievably hard.”

Cormier was the questioned about who he will look to fight next:

“I have no idea, I don’t know what the deal is with the whole 205 thing (regarding Roy Nelson), I was like ‘yeah let’s do it’. I want to be the champion and the only weight I can do that is at 205lb. right now. I want to be at 220lb. in my next fight so when I fight at 205lb. I will be fighting at more my natural weight, even though I weigh in at 205lb. it won’t be fighting at 205lbs….The cut sucks-it’s hard, but once you weigh in it’s just about re-hydrating. The biggest part is shrinking yourself to get to that weight, I don’t plan on cutting a lot of weight off, I’m not going to be at 225 and cutting water weight. I’m going to do it right. I’m eying a future in 205 but if it doesn’t work out I can just go back to Heavyweight. I have no opinion of who I fight, I don’t care-just give me someone to fight!”

Check out the full video below courtesy of MMAFighting and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • I watched this live and all I could think about all show was HELL YEAH sounds like Josh Barnett is pretty surely coming to the UFC!

    Even though he was dominated by DC, for my money he is still a solid top 10.
    I think Cain, JDS and DC will always be terrible match ups for him but the rest of the division is fair game, I could see him beating Bigfoot and having a good shot against Werdum!

    Hope he comes over, pretty much the only great heavyweight not in the UFC

  • Dan is 5'10'! With fat hanging over his shorts. Please have me explain what the problem is!!! He's the same height as GSP. When he fights at welterweight, he can talk about water weight. Until then, Dan needs to get the salad!

  • Dan definitely has some extra weight he could stand to lose, but lets not kid ourselves, the guy has a pretty huge frame for his size.220-215 would probably be as low as he can go without cutting water weight.

  • he is a clown

  • Josh Barnett…..loves Josh Barnett…nice if he just does a deal and gets on with it

  • Josh Barnett's biggest fan – is Josh Barnett, but man i would love to see that fight.

  • I'd like to see that scrap.

  • Why is he calling out Mir? He must view him as a very easy fight.

    • Everybody calls out Mir. Mir is a guy who can sell fights and has the credentials to validate any fighter coming in. He's also known for losing to wrestlers… BADLY. Bother Daniel and Josh are wrestlers.

  • The Ufc is the ideal place for Josh as steroids are allowed.

  • gm1

    First off….josh is not a wrestler at heart. He is average to good but that's it…he has crappy stand up and most of his fights he wins by taking most stand-up only fighters to the ground.
    Now when he faced DC he got schooled and beat down.

    Mir, JDS, Big Country are all crappy wrestlers but at least Big Country can grapple. either way, Baby Face is only looking for an easy fight calling out Mir.

    Big deal, I want to see exciting fights and not some BS take down and lay and wait fight.

    Baby face is not a complete fighter and ultimately will get his train derailed by a good stand up/wrestler like DC, Cain, etc