Daniel Cormier Reveals Next Title Contender At 205 Pounds


With the dust just beginning to settle from Jon Jones second failed PED test and subsequent loss of the light heavyweight title, newly re-crowned champ Daniel Cormier has heeded the fans call for a fight with surging Volkan Oezdemir.

Oezdemir has blasted his way through the top ten light heavyweights, taking a decision win over Ovince Saint Preux in his UFC debut before quickly and brutally knocking out Misha Circunov and Jimi Manuwa.

With top contender Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson retired from the sport and out of the picture, Cormier took to Twitter to offer Oezdemir a shot at the light heavyweight strap.

Cormier is once again champion, despite losing the belt by third round knockout to Jon Jones at UFC 214 in July. That loss was overturned to a no contest following Jones’ positive test for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid.

Cormier’s next title fight ultimately came down to either Alexander Gustafsson or Oezdemir, and DC seemingly listened to the fans in offering the shot to Volkan.

No date or location has been announced as of yet.

How does a Cormier vs Oezdemir title fight sound to you? Has Volkan earned his shot just three fights into his UFC tenure?

  • Draven

    Gustafsson is more of a challenge and deserving of a title shot.

    • ShawnKarr

      Gus fought for the title two fights ago. Although he did look damn impressive against Texiera, it’s time for some new faces.

      • Draven

        Gus is the only other guy that’s come close to beating DC for the title. He’s earned himself another title shot especially after his awesome fight and KO of Teixeira. He isn’t ranked no. 1 for nothing.

        • ShawnKarr

          Perhaps Volkan will come close too, or even beat Cormier. We won’t know until they fight. When has rankings ever meant anything? Just look at the MW division and the train wreck that it is.
          The LHW division has become shallow as well with no good matchups outside of Gus and Volkan. Ideally Gus should fight Volkan for #1 contender spot but that leaves no worthy opponent for Cormier, so here we are.

          • Draven

            Rankings has always meant who the best and top fighters are. It’s only because of certain recent champions that the rankings meant not a whole lot because of their unwillingness to defend the belt or fight the top guys which left the contenders fight each other all until one remains to face the champion. I agree Volkan should fight Gus to prove that he’s ready for a title shot but I think Gus at this point has done enough to warrant a second shot against Cormier.

        • deepgrim

          it was a very good performance against glover, but like they are saying gus isnt making any noise at the minute. I think gus or volkan could both be the credible contenders, but maybe gus doesnt want to fight right now- wont he have the wedding coming up? either way if they skip gus now he will surely be next because there arent many others.

    • HeteroFriendly

      He would never say so but I’m not sure Gus thinks be can beat man-love.

      Or he just seems like he’s cooled down for some reason, maybe he’s just losing interest. But he doesn’t really seem like he’s got a fire in his belly these days.
      He’s still really good and is gonna beat most guys, but you never hear about him angling for a title shot or itching for a fight anymore.

      And I dont think that you can beat a guy who has proven to be unusually hard to beat, it not just catching them on a good night or a bad night and a 50/50 chance, like jon or DC without a heck of a fire in your belly and your mind set on it.

      • Draven

        Whether you hear from Gus or not isn’t the point, fact of the matter is he’s ranked #1 currently and after his spectacular fight KO of Teixeira, there’s really nobody else worthy of a title shot than him. He’s the only other guy that’s come close to beating Cormier.

        • HeteroFriendly

          Its a fight I’d love to watch, I like watching Gus fight whoever he fights, he’s watchable.

          I’m just not sure that its a fight that he wants enough to win it right now if you put him in it.

          And thats the end of the road for some people as a high level talent if they get the shot twice and dont achieve it.

          Maybe it would be better for Gus if he doesn’t get it before he’s in the right state of mind for it.

          • Draven

            Gus showed he wanted the title shot again when he fought his ass off against Glover and KOed him. To say it’s not a fight he wants is silly because Cormier doesn’t even think he himself is the real champion after being KOed by Jones – roids or not roids.

            Gus may have failed on his previous two attempts at getting the title but he was very close to stopping DC than he was against Jones. Gus has improved overall as a fighter whereas DC hasn’t improved at all.

  • Danne öberg


  • Bauce Ironfist

    People wanted to see volkan ko jones.