Daniel Cormier Vows To Kick Frank Mir’s A** Again


It’s no secret that Daniel Cormier is an emotional fighter.

The former Olympian and current UFC light heavyweight champion leaves everything he has in the Octagon and when he fails to meet the expectations he’s set for himself, he has trouble holding back his emotions.

This was seen at UFC 214 this past July when he once again came up short against longtime bitter rival Jon Jones. After a successful first two rounds, Cormier was caught by a left high kick and finished by “Bones” in the third round.

After the bout, which has since been changed to a no-contest due to a failed drug test by Jones, Cormier was noticeably upset and crying during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

Recently, former UFC heavyweight champion and former Cormier foe Frank Mir criticized “DC” for acting the way he did:

“Here’s the time that it is unacceptable to cry, and that is when someone kicks your ass,” Mir said on a recent edition of his podcast. I’m sorry, we still live in a very masculine — well, we should — thought of how a man should operate. After one man kicks your ass on the school yard and you start bawling in front of everybody, it looks bad.

“I got punched by Dos Santos several times in the head and I still managed to keep that thought, ‘Don’t bawl in front of everybody!’” he said. “I think the parameters of when it’s okay for a man to show emotion, and when it’s inappropriate for him to show emotion. When another man kicks your ass, I feel that we can all probably come to the conclusion that that is not the time to show emotion.”

Cormier didn’t take lightly to Mir’s comments, and he recently fired back on his official Twitter account:

The two men fought back in 2013 in a bout that Cormier dominated. Mir has since signed with Bellator, so it’s unlikely that the two will meet again, but there still seems to be some bad blood between the two.

  • Goatmember

    Frank Mir is a douche who lives in Las Vegas

  • HeteroFriendly

    Well its definitely a little fruity, but man-love’s a fruity guy.
    I’m a tolerant person, and I dont find it so unacceptable as long as your not pushing it on other people.

  • Draven

    More like lay on him for 3 whole rounds again.

  • Draven

    Mir is right. Cormier can get lost!

  • ShawnKarr

    Talking trash has not well for Mir. He ended up on the wrong end of a Beatdown of the Year award when he shit-talked Brock. And implying that a guy who whooped his ass isn’t manly doesn’t say much about him either.

  • ernesto chavez

    Mr. Mir is a smart man but he’s way off on this point.

    We often see fighters cry after WINNING a match. Some cry out of joy or just to release the stress, anger, and anxiety that was built up before the fight. Some of these reasons can apply to losing too. But more often it’s about not being able to reach a long awaited goal. It can be a sense of disappointment or failure after so much hard work. It can be sense of letting down family, friends or teammates.

    Gladiators, like Mr. Cormier, have earned the right to express themselves openly.