Dana White: Vitor Belfort Might Win This Fight And Want To Fight Cain Velasquez


Vitor Belfort has been competing as a pro for almost 18 years now; delivering 16 brutal knockouts, three submissions and only four decision wins. Vitor is one of the UFC’s original stars, winning the Heavyweight tournament in 1997 by beating Scott Ferrozzo and Tra Telligman in under two minutes combined.

The Phenom also went on to hold the UFC Light-Heavyweight strap before serving a four year tenure at mostly Japanese organizations. Since his return in 2009, Belfort has taken the UFC by storm; his only losses coming to Jon Jones and Anderson Silva in title fights.

Belfort is coming off of two straight knockout victories, both by head kick, against Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold. Yet the situation with TRT may prevent Belfort from ever getting another title shot. The NSAC will not allow him to fight in Nevada, home of Las Vegas (the UFC’s anchor venue), due to the fact that he had tested positive for silver back gorilla DNA PED’s in the past.

The UFC has tried to accommodate Vitor’s needs, offering him a fight with Tim Kennedy, but Belfort was having none of it. Refusing to fight Kennedy, Belfort was eventually scheduled to face Dan Henderson at UFN 32 in Brazil. UFC prez Dana White spoke to Fightersonlymag.com regarding Belfort’s situation:

“Vitor Belfort is in a weird situation in the UFC because Vitor Belfort puts himself in weird situations, We had fights that we wanted to make for Vitor, and then Vitor has his own ideas of what Vitor wants to do.”

Although it may seem that Belfort is being difficult, maybe he is just realistic about his chances of gaining another title shot at his age. It is now or never, even with a TUE, for the 36 year old KO artist. White continued:

“We gotta see what happens with this fight with Vitor, and then we’ll figure out where Vitor is [in the rankings], Vitor might win this fight and then want to fight Cain Velasquez, for Christ’s sake. Who knows what Vitor wants to do.”

I enjoy watching Vitor fight, he is a savage and you just know that any minute he is likely to explode and knockamuthafukaout. I remember when he knocked Luke Rockhold out, I almost couldn’t believe that Belfort is still evolving as a fighter.

At this late stage in his career, does Belfort really have a legit chance at being champion again?

  • you're headlines are really out of context

  • Misleading title is misleading.

  • The headline is a direct quote from Dana White.

    • If anyone is misleading us its dana white *grabs pitch fork

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    Direct quote from Dana yet the title is misleading/out of context? Why come here just to b*tch and moan? Don't get it.

    • just because its a quote, doesnt mean, it's in context. i saw the video yesterday and the cain velaquez-line was just, to illustrate how strange vitor's demands are. there was no such thing, that this fight really could happen.

      so when you read the title, it may be misleading. just my opinion.

      • I don't think Rory meant to report a future Vitor vs. Cain fight here. The quote is to show how Vitor's demands are off-base, not report the fight.

        • Then put "fight Cain Valesquez" in quotation marks and use proper writing technique. The HEADLINE IS MISLEADING.

    • I know man. How can a quote that is written word for word be misleading or out of context. It is what it is. Baffling.

  • dana white: "We had fights that we wanted to make for Vitor, and then Vitor has his own ideas of what Vitor wants to do.”
    well dummy if Vitor doesnt has his own ideas of what Vitor wants to do… who then?

  • LOL the headline is just like a commercial for a "reality TV show" show a buncha stuff that is super dramatic to pull you in, you watch the episode and its LITERALLLY nothing like what you thought, SUPER annoying.

  • should see it coming because thats how the world is everywhere but c'mon the title is totally misleading and out of context idc what anyone says.

  • I'm a huge fan of Vitor, and I was already feeling sorry for him, Knowing what Cain would have done to him… And All thanks to this title…. Not cool…Misleading…

  • If you clicked this link actually thinking Cain will fight Vitor…..well…..

  • actually i dont think anyone thought that at all, I'm sure everyone thought the same and was like WHAT THE????? " yea ok whatever"… and once they read it they realized they were right.

  • I hope Vitor can still go all the way man.. And win the gold. I like the dude, hes an explosive fighter as it is. But i feel for the dude to. I don't know how i would deal with things if my sister was kiddnapped and stuff man.. But this dude, he keeps pushing. Also proveing that an original can still run with the young blood. Respect all the way for you Vitor.