Dana White: Unfortunately For Nate Diaz, He Isn’t A Needle Mover Like Nick


UFC lightweight and one part of the notorious Stockton bad boys Nate Diaz has been inactive since his 2013 TKO over Gray Maynard, in search of better wages and a more juicy contract. The eight month sit since The Ultimate Fighter 18 finale has been filled back-and-forth jives between Diaz and UFC president Dana White, and it seems that things aren’t going to get better very quickly.

After turning down multiple fights, and slating his former employers, it looks as if Diaz has burned whatever bridges had existed with Zuffa. White, speaking with media in Dublin (transcribed by MMAMania), says that Diaz just isn’t enough of a draw to call back:

“He’s under contract, you know? He’s under contract and when he’s ready to fight he can fight. The kid makes good money. The kid makes really good money. And the unfortunate part is, he’s not a needle mover. His brother (Nick Diaz) is a needle mover, he’s not.”

Diaz has racked up a 12-7 promotional record, including wins over Takanori Gomi, Donald Cerrone, Rory Markham, Marcus Davis, Jim Miller and Gray Maynard. What we have also seen is a tendancy to stumble against big names, such as Ben Henderson, Josh Thomson, Rory MacDonald and Kim Dong Hyun.

White continued:

“He seems like he’s popular when you’re looking on f–king Twitter and some website. But the numbers, the real numbers, tell the truth. We know who moves needles and who doesn’t move needles. If Nate Diaz was a massive needle mover, we’d have called him. He’d be on the phone, we’d be figuring it out and we’d work it out. He doesn’t move the needle.This isn’t a sort things out thing, you are under contract. He just signed the contract. Who is really at the end of the day happy? When we signed Melendez is when he got unhappy, when his partner signed that contract is when he became unhappy.”

Could we be witnessing a severe case of the green eyed monster from the younger Diaz brother, or does this argument go deeper than just one fighter and his contract negotiations? When you look at what these guys do for a living, what they put on the line in the cage, and sacrifice to be part of the UFC, should the pay off be bigger?

One thing is for sure, Diaz has just been sent a message; either come back and earn a better contract, or get used to not fighting. My gut tells me that Nate Diaz is more likely to give in before a multi-billion dollar fight promotion, but I suppose you never know….

  • Green eyed Dana I would say.

  • It's a stupid set up when the promoters are getting more than the actual fighters. Fighters are more of a need than promoters. Dana is where he is because he knew someone who gave him a wealthy deal and he had some know how and an invested investor. Without the fighters we would be without the sport. Also the fighters career is very limited in duration compared to being a promoter. It's backwards.

  • Dana just confirmed what i've been saying from the very start. This whole Diaz thing is a jealousy thing. He wants what Gilbert has, but has not accomplished what Gilbert has and has not been as consistent as Gilbert has been. He needs to go out and fight. Work his way up. He's already getting paid very well. Especially for someone as inconsistent as him.

  • Nate Diaz isn't a needle mover, but they don't wanna let him go. If he isn't moving needles then why keep him around? I wonder what would happen if Nate Diaz took a fight from another organization for free just to piss Dana off lol

    • They just signed him to a new contract and he's an exciting fighter, why would they let him go? and he can't take a fight with another organization for obvious reasons.

    • Thats sports, hockey players cant just jump to a new team when they feel like it cause their buddy is making more than them.

  • dana hater alert. youre crazy if you think diaz isnt a "needle mover" you put him on a ppv #s go up no doubt. his last headliner vs hendo was on of the biggest viewed fox cards. it topped at 5.7 mil while ufc on fox 9 a card stacked from top to bottom, overeem, chael, shogun, urijah, lauzon with a title fight to end with hit 2.7..u know who isnt a needle mover, your champion demetrious johnson.

  • Guy brought up by strike force is better then guy brought up by ufc?