Dana White Told Rashad Evans He Would Get His Ass Beat And Looked Like Cuba Gooding Jr.


Former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans is widely considered to be one of the best fighters in the game who holds an impressive record of 13-3-1 in the UFC’s light-heavyweight.

“Suga” got his chance in the Octagon after winning series two of The Ultimate Fighter which will have come as a big surprise to UFC president Dana White who told Evans he was too small when they first met.

Speaking on UFC Fight Pass’ new “Fightography”feature, Evans revealed that White told him he was going to get laid on which would make the show boring. He also said Evans looked like Cuba Gooding Jr.:

“I remember sitting in this room with Dana White, and he was saying to me ‘I have guys walking in here that have to duck to get through the door, and you are my size. You want to get in there and compete as a f—ing heavyweight? You are gonna get taken down, laid on, and I’m gonna have a boring show. You are gonna get your ass beat you Cuba Gooding Jr. looking Motherf—er’”

Check out the segment of Evans’ “Fighography” below courtesy of the UFC’s official YouTube page:

  • Rashad is good at this, it sounded 100% Dana White.