Dana White talks UFC on FOX 5, suggests BJ Penn should retire


UFC President Dana White shared his thoughts about last night’s UFC on FOX 5 fight card, which took place at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. White praised Benson Henderson for his performance inside the Octagon, discussed Alexander Gustafsson’s upcoming title shot, and also, suggested tht BJ Penn should hang up his gloves. According to White, BJ Penn has nothing to prove, and definitely earned his right to retire as one of the best fighters in MMA history.

  • I was never much off a fan of BJ's personality but used to love watching him fight. Now, it's become painful to watch.

    He should have retired after the last Hughes fight and gone out like a winner. Now, his accomplishments are in danger of being over-taken by his unwillingness to accept he's past it.

    I hope this time he stays retired, like I said that the last two times. But I think, in six months he's going to start dreaming of "being in his prime" again, call some out and suffer another beating.

    • i would like to see bj in shape but that will never happen

    • I honestly don't think he's past it, you see he still has the speed and skills, he had a couple of good shots on Rory but the problem is he tires literally 2 minutes in to a fight… probably the worst cardio in the UFC.

      It's not he doesn't have the skills, he doesn't have the mental strength to push himself like someone young and hungry like Rory.
      Such a shame

    • This video was mainly about other topics than BJ?! Benson could join Silva, GSP, Jones and Aldo as a p4p legend…

    • mannn Jones kinda sounds scared to fight Silva,.. Normally when one finds out that their friend or buddy desided to fight or will fight they get into if it happens it happens and Jones is sticking to his guns even tho Silva is saying if he cant get GSP he would fight Jones ……..think Silva has got in his head

  • So funny how legends of MMA aren't "cut" from the UFC roster- they're politely asked to consider retirement, ha ha. It must be hard to let go of being in the limelight, right? It's crazy how every few years the fighters become more evolved and learn from previous cycle of fighters. I don't see how these veterans can last too long with such amazing talent and outstanding training camps out there. BJ was fun to watch in his prime, no doubt.

  • It's sad that BJ's career has ended or is ending, this way. Personally, I thought he had a moral victory last night, even in defeat. Rory said he was going to kill him / finish him, but he couldn't. I give Penn all the respect in the world for hanging in there, with a much larger, stronger, younger, faster kid.

    I know it's probably the end for him, but I'd still tell him that he's a viable fighter and a contender @ 155. However, if he does decide to hang it up, I wish him all the best. He was a great fighter and a great Champ. Hats off to BJ Penn.

  • Maybe its just me and all the alcohol and drugs this lifetime, but I didnt see Dana in that video. Some bald guy in a gray suit that looks like him, but not talking about BJ either. Wierd.

    • well, maybe its just me , or my browser, or something is not running script right, but this video starts looking like dana then switches to some fox guy interviewing Bendo, and now the one that states jones wants guffstason, switches to an interview with Rory. I was assuming this first time was a mis-post, but 2 videos are redirecting to other clips when i click on them. wierd.

  • gm1


    Do NOT give BJ anymore fights…period…
    He will get the hint and retire….

  • I don't think BJ needs to retire. In all honesty I could see him have one last go in the lightweight division. His recent losses have come to bigger, stronger guys that have been able to control him in the octagon. Bendo vs. BJ sounds like a really good fight to me.

  • BJ penn may be old school but he is definetly the new age boxing bag of mma…

    Beatings after beatings, i wouldn't bet BJ penn beating a drunken taxi driver in the local bar.

    retirement is not an option, its the only option. Everyone seems to have wet dreams about BJ PENN, he is the most overhyped fighter ever to enter the octagon.

  • Douchesck calling out Rory already,lol! my man do you really want that orbital bone of yours smashed again? make this happen Dana,Kos deserves a whipping! or Kos vs Erik Silva,one more fight for BJ,just don't want to see him retire on a loss,he and Shogun got no cardio!