Dana White talks UFC 155, Strikeforce, PEDs


Dana White answered on a barrage of questions from the media, ahead of tomorrow night’s UFC 155 fight card in Las Vegas, Nevada. White discussed Velasquez’s ACL video, Junior dos Santos’ determination, and other injury-related topics in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. UFC president also shared thoughts about Strikeforce, and what’s next for someone like Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez.

  • This was a excellent watch, I think most of the questions were good and i think Dana handled it perfectly.

  • For me this is best years of fighting actually. There was so many good cards, that I just hated every time of waiting. All Ufc on fox was awsome, fuel tv was awesome, ufc 144 was epic event, Chael vs Silva, Diaz vs Condit, Johny Hendricks rise, Jon Jones vs Evans, Henderson destroyed Nate Diaz, and FLYWEIGHTS!!! Could you have ever imagined that so many moments we could had in past. This was a gold age of mma. You just can't espect more.

  • Interesting to see Dana White admit that the reason they don't test more is because he would lose 400 of his fighters. Obviously he doesn't think that 400 of them are on marijuana but rather worried that 400 of them are on peds during their training camps. You always have to read between the lines with these types of cats.