Dana White talks superfights, Ronda Rousey, future of the UFC


UFC President Dana White shared thoughts about some of the most burning topics in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, such as superfights (Anderson Silva vs. GSP/Jon Jones), future of the UFC, and the impact of Ronda Rousey‘s fight with Liz Carmouche. As for Dan Henderson‘s future, Dana White revealed that the All-American is most likely to get inside the Octagon with Rashad Evans.

  • Anderson Silva seems to have become the "process-for-process" champ, while GSP still reigns as the PPV Champ.

    All the super-fight discussions – we've been hearing this (now) for so many years, that I just tune it out. Like many, I'll believe it when I see it happen. And I found it funny, that Sonnen, whose sitting there and fighting Jones in 60 days, was in no way factored into the discussion, in terms of a possible (upset) win over Jones. It's was if he was being told by White, that his fight was going to be a loss and that it's a foregone conclusion.

    In terms of White's remarks about Rousey, doing movies and The Boss not allowing it, because she might be gone eight months @ a time, then why is Silva allowed to disappear for similar amounts of time, without fighting? Oh, yeah, I forgot, it's all about the "process" when dealing with The Champ.

    Things on FOX going well – I'm sure they are, but TUF still *****. It's boring. They have (still) to work out the entertainment bugs.

  • Madison Square…the Goat vs the unbeatable young lion…..i will take the ********plane to see it in person!!!

  • @MMA
    Anderson is the talent, he is the goat…..he has earned the right to do what is best for him so deal with it bro.

    • @ Brasil

      No one fighter is either the sport or the promotion. And no one questions The Man's talents. Many, however, including myself, question the frequency with which he defends his belt and what might be best for Anderson, might not be best for either The Division or The Promotion. On this issue, I will side with the latter, not the former. And yes, I am dealing with it all. The same way every other fan of The UFC has been dealing with him, waiting on him to defend his belt. Eight months and counting. Still only talk of fights, but no signed dates, as of yet.

      All of the / us Anderson Silva non-devotees and non-sycophants, are learning to deal with the process, bro. We all respect him, but many of us are tired of the / his process.

      • He has more title defense's than GSP and that is not counting the Lutter fight where Travis missed weight, not to mention more fights in the their coinciding time frames with GSP. I think Silva fight pretty frequently considering his age.

        • Well said, Dave. Some of us just like hearing ourselves talk.

        • No one is doubting or questioning The Man's resume, David.

          Like all sports, this is about what have you done lately and lately, he hasn't done much in his division. And if we take a look at the schedule and the calendar, then it will be the better part of a year, if not a full year, since The Man has defended his title. That's a fact seems to be getting lost in the mix.

          And as far as his age goes, I haven't noticed any diminished skill set or reflexes. If anything, he seems better. And to be honest, when a fighter is (generally as a rule) giving the beatings, then surely, there is considerably less damage taken over the course of a career.

  • I understand where you are coming from – I have no interest to see Anderson defending his belt until one day ages catches up and he loses, I want to see him go against Jones or whoever holds the 205 belt….in the process he should give up the 185 belt so the division keeps fluid….

  • This is what Chael will be doing after calling it a day once he gets smashed by Bones,Hey Kenflo,let me take on this gig permanently ok? cool! Let's clarify what Dana said about Ronda=I won't let Ronda do movies because now that Brock is gone I found my new cow to milk thus increasing my piggy bank,so it's not happening! FYI Dana=The Hunger Games 2 (Catching Fire) is already shot,if she does the movie it will be the 3rd one,you are welcome!

  • If Silva beats weidman and then goes on to beat Jones, I will erect a massive statue of Silva in my front yard that I bow to each morning.

    • @ Enjoy

      Operative word "if".

      • @MMATruth…..I like your optimism on the wrestler because 99% of people will be picking Silva I imagine….

        • @ Enjoy

          In his last fight, I bet five bucks on Bonnar just to make it interesting for myself.

          This time though, I truly believe that CW has what it takes to beat Anderson. He may not, but he just may, too. 🙂