Dana White talks heavyweights, Josh Barnett deal, Diaz brothers and more


Dana White spoke with MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani regarding the potential matchups after the heavyweight fights on this card take place and the clear winners emerge.

Dana also touches on his relationship and the multi-fight deal with Josh Barnett, the Diaz brothers and yet another long rant regarding the comments made by John Cholish about fighter pay and the manner with which the UFC compensates their fighters financially.

Check it out:

  • Why is Ariel trying to instigate some sort of feud with some of his smart *** questions? seems like he loves doing it&loves the drama,geez please enough of it! that lil' smirk on his face doesn't help his cause either…just saying…

    • I found his questions to be perfectly reasonable. Many of us are asking the same ones; what's wrong with somebody who has access actually quizzing Dana, or any other UFC official for that matter? Besides, even if not asked about it, Dana has every right to respond to the vitriol thrown his way, and actually controlled his mouth this time

  • Im done commenting on this site man,every I post anything it gets weak,will still check it out but no comments,thanks for the all the info Lowkick staff,watch the fights tonight,War Hunt! feel free to weak this too,Lol!

    • If you don't want weaks, stop posting inaccurate comments