Dana White talks Anderson, Bisping, Cyborg, expansion into Europe and much more


After the UFC on FUEL TV 7 pre-fight press conference took place in London, Dana White participated in his traditional post-presser media-scrum to discuss a wide range of hot topics currently floating around in the MMA world.

With a recent and unfortunate experience in Ireland, Dana discusses his latest Ménière’s disease attack, Cris Cyborgs “irrelevance”, Anderson Silva‘s future, Michael Bisping, Irish MMA, Josh Barnett, Rousey vs. Carmouche, and much more.

Both videos taken and posted by Fighters Only Magazine.

  • there a great fighter in the philippines.

  • hopefully fedor will be in the ufc soon cause i wanna see an ass whooping.

    • If you are thinking about whether to not post or post about unrelated and silly thing, don't post please.

  • Dude…where have you been ? Fedor's retired.

    • i tot he would return if he will be in the ufc…

  • Dammit! I knew this day would come.

    Dana pretty much confirming UFC is moving from ESPN UK to SkySports for UK viewers.
    It will undoubtedly increase popularity and fans in the UK, probably by at least double.

    I know you Americans will hate to hear this but Sky Sports is about 3 times the price of EPSN UK :(. I'll pay but I'll still be greedily annoyed haha

    • @keith americans pay 55 dollars per card.

      we wish we could get a package that included every card and extras

      • That's 35.33 British Pounds

        • I paid £9.99 for the Edgar – Aldo card. I often watch for free and swore I'd never pay a dime to the UFC after the way Dana has treated some fighters down the years but Edgar – Aldo was too good to risk a dodgy site with a zillion pop ups.

          • @ Azz

            Just give it three hours and watch it online, for free.


          • @azzkika because Dana has treated some fighters bad, you are going to support the fighters by not paying towards their payout?
            Makes sense

          • @keith….Thats like the sea sheperd killing a whale before the Japanese

          • @ Enjoy

            Ha! Ha!

      • @omr yes I know, that's why I made to I was being greedy.

        I wish I could get a package with extras too….
        We get it cheap but only get the fights, countdowns, primetimes and some prelims.

        We get the bare minimum while it is impossible to get on UK Tv the weigh in shows, pre and post fight shows, UFC Tonight and all the other extra good stuff.

        Now that is a huge downside.

      • @one moreround….Cable television networks charge what they like depending on which country you live and the national GDP.

        If you are from a rich country you pay more plus extra for PPV fights…
        If you are from a poor country like the Philippines you get heaps of channels for next to nothing per month plus full access to PPV events free of charge…Welcome to the world of corporate greed and marketing

  • Regarding Dana's ongoing battle with Cyborg and the references to her not being able to hit 135 or whether or not, even, White believes her….this, from Fighters Only Magazine:

    UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre said that a condition for a superfight with UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is that the fight take place at his home weight of 170.

    That has provoked Anderson’s personal physician, who says it would be ‘criminal’ to try and get his fighter down to that weight.

    “It would be a crime for Anderson to try and fight at 77kg," said the doctor. "He could maybe make the weight but the physical loss that he would suffer would be too much."

    Taking the above statement into account, I fail to see how either Cyborg or her doctor is wrong for making a similar claim, regarding Santos not being able to make 135.

    And then to hear him go on about how difficult she is to deal with, yet, a few minutes later he's telling us how dealing with Anderson Silva is a "process". I realize he's a great fighter, maybe the greatest, but I hate the special treatment he gets and it's galling when White then accuses other fighters (and it's not just been Cyborg) of expecting special treatment or trying to make him jump through hoops. Anderson, as great as he is, is not The UFC. When he retires or loses, which ever comes first, the promotion will carry on. Like the sun, it will be there the following morning. In the meantime, the only process I'd like to see Anderson in would be the process of defending his 185 belt, which he hasn't done in almost 8 months.

    • @MMA Truth….Good comparison on cybrogs health and Anderson…

      If Anderson fights only once a year will anyone really miss him when he retires?

      • @ Enjoy

        Probably not. Or to put it this way, if he called a press conference tomorrow and announced his retirement, would anyone really care or notice, beyond the weekly press cycle? Probably not, other than OMR and the rest of the Silva sycophants rendered catatonic @ his departure.

        People move on, E. Just ask the NHL.

  • I dunno bout this PPV but here in Asia we get them for free by way of Fox and other provider that we pay around 5 -10 dollar 🙂

  • 5-10 dollar for the whole month biatch 😉