Dana White talks Anderson Silva, Randy Couture, everything UFC 156 and much more


MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani recently spoke backstage with Dana White regarding all the latest juicy bits of news going on in the MMA world. Everything from Randy Couture‘s Spike deal, to Anderson Silva‘s future, to the UFC officially incorporating a ranking system and even the heated and intense staredown that took place at todays UFC 156 Press Conference. Check it out below!

  • Lol, Randy jumps ship to spike and suddenly Dana's talking about how he's 'not a good guy' etc. Dana can be such a child at times.

    • Dana explained the situation with pure facts! How does it make him a child?
      Just because Randy is a legend in the sport, it doesn't meen that he has the right to act like douch…

      • If Randy says the opposite, who is right? I dont make my decisions based on believing one side of someone's story.

      • Err, which pure facts? The statement that Couture is 'not a good guy' is opinion not fact. The statement that other people close to him dislike him is completely unsubstantiated; most people in the sport including guys he's fought generally have only good things to say about him. As for not fulfilling his contract with Fox, why aren't they then suing him?

        Dana just blew a bunch of smoke up your ass and you're happy to believe him. Good for you, I'm sure you also believe Dana everytime he tells us the upcoming season of TUF will be the best ever as well. Or that they were actually going to make Fedor v Brock. Etc.

      • As, Randy must be a douche because Dana said so.

        That's what I was missing.

        • We should really listen to what White is saying, because everyone that has ever worked with Dana has spoken sooo highly of his professionalism, etiquette and respectfulness.
          Wait…I was thinking of Betty White.

  • Who is anyone to judge what Randy Coutoure does, he's paid his dues 10 times over to the sport and to the fans. I don't see any problem with him at all. I hope He helps promote Bellator and builds their company and brand it's only going to benefit the sport.

    • I was watching Randy in the early days and he has DEFINITELY built this sport. He's 3 times the man Dana is. Dana was a bald business man making money off fighters and still is. I wont take away the fact he's pushed MMA this far, but he can be a BIGTIME AsShOlE!

  • Weidman or Evans…I'm cool with that.

  • …..Randy Couture would not be where he is today without the UFC. However, if Randy is retired now from fighting, he has to look elsewhere to make money if the UFC have nothing for him…

    Randy has sponsors, movies, gyms, product endorsement and now reality Tv deals…He is doing something right…..UFc were not going to pay his pension so he took a great offer from another company….

    match it Dana or shut up….randy has always been a contracted fighter not an employee.

    • @ Enjoy

      Absolutely. Spot on.

      • C'mon, Randy needing money????
        The guy's a multi millionair, ufc and randy helped each other making millions.
        Is his son in the ufc yet?
        If not, i won't be expecting him anymore!

        • He doesn't need the money. He wants to make money. It's his perogative to do so.

          • I don't know why everyone is judging randy as if he has sold out for money or against the ufc or whatever. To adress enjoylife,
            I think its safe to say that Randy is a pioneer of the modern sport, saying that randy was made by the ufc, you must be able to see that randy also helped the ufc during the same time, he was captain america, a very important figure in american mma when pride was the place to be for HW fighters. Helped promote mma to americans. Also who says this is anything to do with money, yes we all know that bellator have massive financial backing, but i think randy sigining the deal with spike is a wise move for mma, people are thinking in a linear manner as if ufc are the only promotion, randy is going helping out a rival company, rivalry is good for mma as a whole, randy is a man of mma, not ufc, and so what if hes getting a pay day. If he takes this role as serious as he did his fights he could help bring mma to new heights, as a fan i ask what is wrong with that?

      • @MMA Truth….Look out for Randy to grapple Dana to the fence in his next interview. can't imagine Randy sitting quiet as Dana bitch slaps him in the media.

  • There are a lot of stories about Randy being an asshole to fans. This just proves that he is an asshole in general!
    I mean screwing the company that made you like that, and i don't even like DW!

    • Tell me about them and provide links or your facts are pointless and useless IMO, not trying to be mean to you, just realistic. I've never once heard from another fighter that Randy wasnt a classy guy.

      • Completely agree entity. I've heard story upon story of fighters being assholes to fans (some that you wouldn't expect), but Randy was never one of them.

      • i read a story about him being a dick to a guy that was riding in an elevator with him, and when the guy was walking out of the elevator he said ''have a nice day'' or something and Couture went of on him, saying to stop watching him and his women and shit.
        i know Pat Miletich said that he was fake, shady, that he forgets where he came from…
        i also heard/read a lot of stories of him being a dick at expo's, signings, fights etc. to everybody and then he puts on ''the mr. nice guy'' for the cameras…

  • How did he screw anyone?

    • If Dana is telling the truth (IF) then Randy walked out on two contracts; once as a fighter and now as a commentator. The one thing that doesn't make sense is that if he did walk out on them this time, why isn't Zuffa suing him?

      • It might be Dan's roids talking lol 8))

      • That's where the rub is. He had no extended contract for commentating. Dana is just talking out of his ass there.

        • That's weird as well then. Who the hell hands out a job like that with no contract? What is this, amateur hour?

          • Just on an event by even basis, that either ended recently or after the last show he did.

            I'm Ron Burgundy?

  • I understand where they are coming from about having a ranking system but all that's going to do is cause arguments!

    • If it is done correctly using just the numbers there shouldn't be too much to argue about after the first couple of years. At first it will result in mismatches where guys with a lot of low level fights get ranked ahead of their betters but after they get weeded out (or prove themselves) it should run smoothly.

  • does this guy have a lying-coach???

  • I have no problem with Randy Couture, but who knows what the guy is really like in real life.

    The only thing that makes me question him at all, is how the court case ended up, considering a part of the suit filed against Couture was defamation, and those claims were never found false, and Zuffa ended up favorably in the suit.