Dana White Speaks Up About Melendez, Cormier, and Rosenthal


UFC President appears to talk with Karyn Bryant prior to UFC on FOX 7, addressing just how good Gilbert Melendez truly is. White also speaks on Daniel Cormier, the debuting heavyweight who has the chance to take the UFC by storm on Saturday. White noted how Cormier told Frank Mir that he was in big, big trouble this weekend.

He also spoke about Jon Jones, who reportedly told him he wants to hurt Jon Jones at next week’s UFC 159. But Georges St-Pierre also wanted to put a beatdown on Nick Diaz, so we’ll see what truly happens at the pay-per-view card. White seems to think onnen will take the fight to Jones, so we’ll see how that works out.

He of course was asked the obligatory Josh Rosenthal question, to which he replied, “Wow. Wow.”

UFC on FOX 7 stands to be a good time for MMA fans the world over. 

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