Dana White says Nick Diaz to get next shot at GSP; Hendricks Upset


After all that Johny Hendricks has accomplished lately, it appears that he’ll have to eat his words and sit on the bench for a while as the title shot he wants has been handed to Nick Diaz.

Despite Diaz coming off of a loss to Carlos Condit, his trash talking has worked its way into Georges St-Pierre’s mind and the champ is asking that Diaz be given the next shot. And, according to MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, Dana White is going to give the champ what he wants. “Dana just said GSP told him I want Nick Diaz. Dana said that’s probably the fight we’ll make,” Helwani tweeted. “Dana said that GSP doesn’t ask for much, so he feels like he has to do it. Silva and Hendricks will have to wait.”

In one fell swoop both Hendricks title shot and the mega fight between Silva and GSP has been placed on the backburner. Hendricks wasted no time taking to Twitter to voice his displeasure.

“I don’t really know what to say but please @danawhite give me a shot @GeorgesStPierre if u want a fight I will give him anything he can take,” Hendricks said in full on begging mode. He also remained steadfast in saying that he doesn’t want to fight another opponent unless it’s for the title. But White has said that Hendricks will be fighting in the interim. The opponent could be Jake Shields who told Hendricks to “quit crying” and offered to fight him. Obviously, Shields is going to stick up for his Skrap Pack teammate.

But what will Hendricks do?

Do you agree with Diaz getting the title shot because it is what St-Pierre asked for?

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  • Yeah, I do. Diaz said some stuff and has never had to answer for it and whatever we may think about Diaz or Hendricks this fight will be entertaining!

    • And I'd much rather see Diaz vs GSP than GSP Silva. The buildup for this fight will be amazing, am looking forward to hearing Cesar Gracie talking shit about Greg Jackson on primetime.

    • is anyone surprised gsp turn down the fight with anderson silva?

      • He didn't turn it down idiot. He was suppose to fight Diaz long b4 the bigger MW Champ called out the much smaller WW Champ. Are you stupid or just dumb? GSP wanted to fight Diaz rather than Condit, I guess you were one of those morons who were stating that GSP was scared to fight Condit. I guess that wasn't the case, now was it?!? If Silva really wants to fight GSP, make 170lbs & GSP will have no problem fighting him, but I guess that's too much of an inconvenience for Silva, the guy who called out the WW champ. But it's okay for GSP to be inconvenienced for a fight he never asked for?!? Yeah that makes so much sense, you idiot! Silva: "okay Georges, I want to fight you b/c you are smaller & its easier than fighting someone my own size/Jones, so you gain weight & move up & fight me for your 1st ever fight not at 170lbs, b/c I'm Anderson Silva & I ALWAYS need to advantages b4 a fight starts, why do you think I fight in the shitiest division in all of MMA/UFC? B/C the fighters are weak & b/c I have the size, strength, weight & reach advantage b4 I step in to the Octagon. But if I don't have the advantages I just mentioned when I fight @ LHW, then they have to be big, slow & 1 dimensional ……. oh and they cannot have any wrestling. So please Georges, gain weight, move up & fight me the Champ, something I myself would never do …… move up & fight Jones for my 1st LHW fight?!? FORGET IT. But you can do it, you are a small WW, which is perfect for me – Thanks! — A.S"

        • someone hates silva lol, forrest just lost the lhw belt, james irvin was not really slow, he made hendo tap! and to win 16 in a row in the ufc at any weight class is great. atleast he moved up to test the waters at lhw gsp has never moved up, and this is the fight everyone has been wanting for years! they are still #1 and 2 on like all p4p list,

        • Mannnn… that's some certified B.S. GSP turned down the Silva fight PERIOD…. Silva called him out and GSP chickened out like a bitch.. and that's the end of it! Stop making B.S. excuses and sucking GSP's anus, it's not a good look!

          • Yes, Silva called out a WW. And the WW said I'm going to stay in my division.

            Too bad Silva bitched out against Jones.

      • Hendricks vs Maia would be awesome. I think they are the only two welterweights with two wins in a row.

        • MacDonald has three wins in a row. I'm a big Demian fan and I'd take that fight, but I don't know if he'll be able to deal with JH's wrestling. That said, he dealt with Sonnen. That also said, he couldn't deal with Chris Weidman. He dealt with Story, true enough, but Story isn't Hendricks. I would see that fight as a stoppage, either way.

          Hendricks MacDonald is also another viable fight, should RM beat Penn.

          • MMA truth- In all fairness, Story did beat Hendricks.

          • This is true, but it was also two years ago. I don't know, I'm a big Maia fan. Have been from day one. I'm just not sure he's ready for a wrestler that good, whose that aggressive and with that much power. DM is one fight I'd like to see GSP take before he retire or moves up (which I don't think will ever happen). He is the best BJJ guy in the division. Period. But you have to get it there, first. Maybe ya just have faith in your man and pull for him in the fight. So, go Maia if it happens.

          • True.

            He's gotta get by Fitch first, and I don't think he'll do that.

          • Rick Story out wrestled Hendricks

    • It will definitely be entertaining but I just hate how people coming off losses keep getting title shots. Dana is't even pretending its about anything other than making dollars anymore.

    • I don't think this is just about Nick. I think this is also about Cesar Gracie. I think GSP would like to shut Gracie's mouth and the best / only way to do it, is to beat his boy. Which he will do. GSP will rag-doll Diaz and he'll probably pick him up and throw him down right in front of Gracie to do it and then ask him what he thinks about it.

      I don't think the fight will be so much entertaining, as personal. I think GSP really has an axe to grind, a score to settle, with both Gracie and Diaz.

    • Hendrix deserves the shot. No one disagrees with this fact. He's not, however, a big name and would bring as much cash and media buzz as the notorious Diaz…It's unfair that he has to wait, but money / entertainment overrides any other considerations…Chael (just like Brock before him) illustrates this business mentality by being ill-reservedly handed a title shot at another division after being literally destroyed by the Spider. Then again, the whimsical Dana may change his mind anytime about this offer…we all remember what happened to his title promises to Hendo, Machida, Condit, and the list goes on………….

  • I also agree, GSP seems to really hate Diaz which is unusual, maybe we could see some great action! Also I'd like to see Hendricks fight another good wrestler… He says he's a wrestler but in his fight against Koscheck he didn't prove he had what it takes to beat GSP. You know, when Hendricks finishes the fight we are impressed but when it goes to decision, we have doubts. And trust me, the chances this fight (Hendricks/St-Pierre) goes the five full rounds are extremely high.

  • Johny is good and has a great wrestling background, but I almost guarantee that GSP will out wrestle him and beat in almost every other aspect.

    • Exactly, had Hendricks pulled off a great performance against Koscheck I would definitely like to see him getting the title shot but… It was a split decision, which means a judge gave it to Kos..

      • I think Kos got kinda robbed in that fight.

    • Comparing wresting with MMA wrestling is not the same thing. Hendricks might be a better pure wrestler than GSP. I wouldn't be surprised. I actually think that Koscheck is a better pure wrestler than GSP. However, this isn't wrestling. It's MMA. What makes GSP such a great wrestler in MMA is that he's a functional wrestler and can move from boxing / kick-boxing to wrestling, while buddy still thinks he's boxing or kick-boxing. You can be the best wrestler in the world, but if you get caught out of position, you get caught out of position. Conversely, GSP is also great / the best at transitioning from stand-up to TDD. He's also great at getting up off of his back and taking little / no damage for whatever time he is on his back.

      I personally am not buying that there is a better function wrestler in MMA than GSP. Certainly not @ 170.

  • I dont mind if GPS fights dias or Hendricks but this goes to show that ONCE AGAIN it dont matter how many fights you win… is all up to Dana's wallet and yes Diaz brings in WAY more money than Hendricks.. which sucks because Hendricks has being on a roll and noup he wont get it…. Im getting sick and tire of Dana's way of handling this shit…

  • i think gsp is really afraid of Silva,diaz though is very good, hopefully he will win because gsp is a boring fighter, he always win by a decision.

    • "I think gsp is really afraid of Silva"

      It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

      As for Diaz, he has struggled against some wrestlers in the past, so we'll see how much he has improved his TDD.

      • anyone thinking other wise is blinded by the fact that anderson silva lobbied for the fight harder than anyone one else he has fought

        • NO really, a much bigger guy with 46lbs, 4" height, 3" reach would lobby so hard to fight an avg WW?!? Dude STFU you have to be the dumbest fucking loser on this site, one more round …. BAHAHAHAHA. Why dont you take Silvas nuts out of your mouth for a second, though I'm sure you can't. Yeah why don't GSP jump to fight a guy who has ALL the ADVANTAGES b4 the fight even starts, you clueless f-ing dummy! Y don't Silva lobby to fight Jones?!? B/C he doesnt like to fight people his own size & get his ass handed to him, so he decides to be the 1st person EVER to challenge a smaller opponent, but thats okay & noble right?!? You douche bag. Imagine GSP calling out Ben Henderson & telling him to move up to WW in order to fight him or to 165lbs to fight him, that would be so pathetic, which is what Silva is doing.

          "Silva lobied so hard for this fight …." WOW & that only9 proves Silva's a little bitch who only wants to fight a mcuh smaller fighter, wow now thats impressive. The "GOAT" (BAHAHAH) challenging a much smaller opponent, but too sacred to fight Jon Jones. Tell me why GSP has to move up to fight a guy who called him out? Ughhhhh, welll — you know ahhhhh, hummmm. idiot! GSP lobbied like crazy to fight Silva @ WW, but Silva is 2 scared to fight GSP on "even" ground. Sucks to be him! Hey GSP do something I myself would NEVER do, move up for the 1st time & fight the Champ. Why dont GSP get to fight 3 MW CANS like Silva did @ LHW?!? Not only does Silva have the size, strength, weight & reach advantage, but he wants GSP to fight him in his 1st fight above his weight class …… WOW Silva's so crazy to be asking that, he's got the balls the size of Sonnens EGO. I can't believe Silva would be crazy enough to challenge a much smaller fighter, whos never fought above 170lbs to a catchweight fight of 178lbs, that Silva sure does live on the edge man, HEEEEE'S CRAAAZZZYYYYY!!! Ur some stupid dude!

  • Agreed that is it is a win/win for the UFC and GSP. I"m a GSP fan but this is a way to divert the attention away from a Silva match and Hendricks is just too much risk vs reward. Of the three, Diaz is a potentially easier win with less damage.

    • Just playing it safe as always, but Diaz may still get this W nonetheless.

      • safety first COLINGER

      • As "always" Yeah b/c he always picks & chooses his opponents, I think you have him mistaken with Silva "playing it safe" in the ever so dangerous MW division, the weakest & worst division in all of MMA/UFC & then moves up to LHW his natural weight class & fights 3 CANS!!! How dangerous Silva is, that padded resume can only take him so far, and the only idiots fooled are the Silva nut huggers & GSP haters. Cote, Leben, Maia, Leites, Lutter, Okami, Marquardt who wasn't that great, Belfort who was out for 16 months b4 he fought Silva, Griffin, Irvin & Bonnar …… wow that list of grade B level fighters is impressive …… wink wink! @ least 10 opponents are jokes on his resume, & people wonder why he hasnt lost yet….. I have no clue! Must be all the Champs he's fought & beaten, all 3 of them. Griffin was Champ for how many weeks?!? I guess GSP played it safe vs. Condit too right?!?

        Do you & 1moreRound take turns jerking off to Silva highlights?!?

  • Look I am a big Diaz fan, Nate and Nick are 2 of my favorite fighters. Honestly though Hendricks deserves this fight more than Nick does. No one at welterweight poses a bigger threat to GSP right now than Johnny Hendricks. What does Diaz plan on doing to GSP to win the fight? Jab him to death? GSP has'nt been submitted since Matt Hughes 8 years ago and there is no chance of Diaz wrestling GSP down. GSP will not hesitate to take Nick down and ground and pound him to a decision. Hendricks with his wrestling background and incredible power has alot more to bring to the table against GSP's skill set than Nick Diaz does. Hendricks knocked out John fight something GSP wasn't able to do, something no other fighter has done. Then in his next fight knocks out Martin Kampman. This is the deserving fighter. A split decision win over Koscheck doesn't mean much for Hendricks. Koscheck doesn't fight to win fights, he fights not to lose. I love Diaz and would love to see him fight GSP, but this does not change the fact that Hendricks deserves it more. It just sucks that fans are stupid and buy into hype more than whats right.

  • I've been waiting for this fight for years

    • just like the anderson vs gsp fight, 2008 to be exact

  • While I am interested in this fight and am sure it will be good, giving matchups to guys who talk themselves into title fights (Sonnen, Diaz, and almost Overeem) seriously damages the legitimacy of MMA. Hendricks deserves this fight more than anyone else at welterweight and has worked his ass off to be at the top tier of the division. Denying him what he has earned is really disrespectful. Giving it to a guy who was just banned from the sport and went out on a loss is just lame, despite the fact that it'll be an interesting fight.

  • nobody better ever bitch about chael getting another title shot after this shit

  • That's what Hendricks gets for opening his mouth. I don't think Diaz deserves it more but hey I like him more so I will be excited for this fight. I still see a 5 round decision win for GSP though.

  • The might ship GSP / Silva just crashed on the rocks. Oh well, another great name for GSP's resume. He's going to blow through Diaz. Sorry to Johnny. He had earned his shot, but business is business and this is a money maker for The UFC. I don't know about Shields. I don't know why he'd deserve the fight. Johnny is far above Jake in the pecking order and I don't think he could hang with JH standing, anyway. The answer might be to give him the winner of MacDonald / Penn.

    I guess Anderson is going to either be stuck with Jones, Weidman, Belcher, Belfort or Bisping. He has a tough fight in four of the five.

    Damn man, after Firas's comment I was actually beginning to think GSP / Silva was going to go off. At least they've put us out of our misery early.

  • Awesome News…War Diaz……..

  • Stinks for Johnny but I'd rather see Diaz vs Gsp. Please God let them stay healthy!!!

  • Everyone wants to see diaz vs GSP….If Hendricks wants the fight he needs to move to Stockton, smoke some weed and start yelling out stoned "where u at George?

    This is business, a big PPV..people love diaz more than hendricks….Who comes into the cage with trade mark bitch slaps, taunting, hands down and constantly moving forward ?

    • Basically you are advocating turning MMA into WWE. No longer art, just entertainment.

  • Who says you need to win to get a title shot?…
    those days are over.
    On that note give Mark hunt a shot at JDS, at least i will be entertaining standup

  • Why is Hendro begging? Just keep fighting homie.

  • Diaz is in the top 5, and it was a razor close fight with Condit, who went on to fight GSP.

    Hendricks will get his chance–only, he might have to have another fight in the meantime. If Hendricks wants to be champ, he has to be prepared to beat whoever the UFC throws at him–so it would be good practice for him.

    Everyone thinks GSP hates Nick, but he likes Nick as an opponent because it motivates him–that, and a Diaz fight would be big–big money, big news. Hendricks…not so much.

    It's a question of timing, GSP has to fight Nick Diaz before the wrestlers in the WW division are matched with Nick. If Nick loses again, he might never get to fight GSP.

    Another point–Dana White is not just sitting back and nodding, "Yes, Georges"–he's pulling the strings behind the scenes because he wan't a GSP-Diaz match after failing with the Anderson-GSP bout. Dana wants big fights. Most fans want big fights. And some fans continue to whine about 'deserves' and 'fairness' as if Hendricks will never get a chance to fight for the belt again if he does not fight GSP next.

  • It was supposed to be a champ vs champ fight. When Nick was destroying everyone in strike force. He left the belt to fight in the ufc. Jus like condit was a former strike force champ. He's (Diaz) a rightful challenger for GSP. Im for GSP. Its gonna be a good fight.

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