Dana White says Nick Diaz does not return his calls or texts


UFC President Dana White gave an update on what’s next for Nick Diaz inside the Octagon. According to White, Diaz is yet to make any contact via phone or text. Yet, White agreed that Nick Diaz ‘shows up for fights’, adding that the former Strikeforce Welterweight champion simply has to follow the pre-fight media build-up. UFC Welterweight showdown between GSP and Nick Diaz is expected to take place at UFC 158, March 16, at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • and this is the guy who gsp "choose to fight"

    1. he has a suspended license
    2. gilbert, nate, nick, and shields are all shltty fighters
    3. anderson is not 44 years old yet

    thanks rush!

    • GSP nuthugger right there ^^
      You deserve a Stockton Slap!

      • im far from a gsp fan, what i am saying is that gsp decided to fight a "safer" opponent.

        "the skrap pack" is overrated and when was the last time any of them beat a TOP FIVE fighter?

      • easy explanation Hendricks hacked Diaz's phone and cancelled his flights so he can get the title shot.

    • Man, you must have a mental illness cause each time there is a post about welters div or Anderson Silva you talk about GSP !
      Seriously, they are just informing that Diaz does not answer to UFC boss, why are you talking about GSP ?
      By,the way

      • By the way, Nate def. Cowboy Cerone.

  • Send Diaz a video hes always on youtube liking stuff…..

  • Nicks busy hes a bluntsmokingmarathonrunner,jits teacher,coach,and a role model he doesnt have time for a bald guy who could ruin his career with a snap of his fingers.Just ask Marquart theres life outside UFC…

  • Well, I don't know about the phone calls, but in order to return a text, wouldn't you have to be literate? It might explain the one instance.

    I will laugh my ass of if he doesn't show to the pressers, gets cut and Hendricks is given his shot. That would be too funny.

  • As long as the fight happens….it doesn't really matter what happens behind the scenes. But failing to return calls and texts does not give you great leverage when negotiating contracts.

    • @ Enjoy

      I believe in most business circles, it would be called un-professional. I tell ya, Diaz takes a loss here and then gets handed a couple more losses in this very tough division and it will be bye-bye Nick Diaz. He'll be a guy that was a big fish in a small pond, but once he got moved over to the bigger pond he's exposed as being not such a big fish.

      You'd think, for the sake of his own career, that he'd play the game. He's been given a huge break, here. He's coming off of a loss in a championship bout, his only victory in the division is over Penn, which relative to the 170 division, should have been an easy fight for any contender and he's known more for his smack talk, then his ability to deliver.

      My prediction for Nick Diaz in 2013, is that he proves to be a bust. Too small, too uni-dimensional and too stupid for 170. Again, I will laugh if he blows this opportunity. If I was GSP's management, I'd spend The Champ's time training for Hendrick's just in case. And to be honest, GSP doesn't need to train for Nick. He could crush him, today. He is zero threat to George. He has neither a Matt Serra moment, nor a Matt Hughes moment, in his repertoire for The Champ.

      • Exposed as being not such a big fish?? That's one of the dumbest comments ever written here. Are you aware that the Condit-Diaz match was not a decisive one? You sound like you have a personal issue with Diaz. He may not be your picture-perfect poster-boy but to call him a bust, one-dimensional, too stupid and a "no-threat" is way too much to give your post any credibility whatsoever, despite to the pompous a*s tone you like to carry about.

        • @ mind

          Am I aware of the Condit -Diaz fight? I referenced Diaz's loss in that fight, did I not? You can bemoan it all you wish as to the closeness of it, but it still won't change the fact that he lost. To a better, smarter fighter.

          He is awash in a sea of explosive, talented wrestlers, with power. I see all of that as fact. Should he lose to GSP, which I believe he will and that loss is followed up by two more, I think that would pretty much expose him as not such a big fish, @ 170. If he does end up on a four fight losing streak by the end of this year, would you still argue that he's a big 170 fish?

          Bust – I didn't call him a bust. I said I think it will be proven to be, a bust. There is a difference. And I stand by the observations that he is too small, too uni-dimensional and too stupid. Stupid being that he has the same game plan for every fight he's in; just come forward. I'm sorry if Condit and everyone else in the 170 division had or will have an answer for it. And I stand by my opinion and that's what it is, that Diaz is no threat to The Champion. George, IMO, will do with him as he wishes. Stand him up, push him up against the cage, take him down and maul him at will. I'm sorry if that's what I see happening.

          To my sound – my post has no sound. However, to your point, I have nothing personal against Diaz. I think he's a solid fighter, skilled and good for the promotion of a fight. My only comments are about his place in this division and what I believe is going to happen. That is all. And given that this is a website about MMA, The UFC, fighting, fighters, their records, habits, skill sets relative to one another, etc. I feel well within my purview as a fan of the sport and a poster of LowKick, to state my opinions, whether or not you or anyone else likes them or approves.

          Irony – I also find it ironic that you get upset about my comments about a fighter who is notorious for trash talking and bad mouthing other fighters. It is his very reputation. He has used that tactic and successfully, to talk his way into fights that he doesn't deserve. Namely this one. If you do not believe that, then go ask Johnny Hendrick's or his fans their opinion on the subject.

          As to me being a pompous ass, if that's your opinion of me knock yourself out. I shan't lose any sleep over it. And if you get irate over this post or any of my posts, great.

          Best of the new year to you.

          • First time I have seen Bemone used in a comment you get a cool my friend!

          • @ David – and he kept it under 2000 words too!

          • @ Michael

            Standard – GFY.

      • @MMAtruth….Anyone who fights against GSP is going to have their work cut out for them. But diaz is definetly not a spent rod. He has won 11 out of his last 12 fights….12th being Condit….and condit was backpeddling…What you have to remember is that if he does get beaten by GSP, he is getting beaten by the number 1 guy. His fighting style is moving forward and trading shots which alot of fans appreciate. Nick has beaten guys like BJ Penn, Frank Shamrock, KJ Noons,Paul Daley etc.

        • @ Enjoy

          Respectfully, I never called him a spent rod and you and I both know / believe he will lose to GSP. All I've stated is that if he loses two more fights, I think he will be proven to not be the great fighter everyone thought he was. This is a tough division and you know it. This is not StrikeForce and you can quote me his record all day long, he's fighting a whole new set of big fish, now. That's my point. I think if he's put up against the likes of Hendricks, Elenberger, Koscheck and so on, he's going to get thumped. That is my view of it.

          If I am proven wrong, great. He's a way better fighter than I think he is. I just don't think I'm going to be proven wrong. And yes, I know he's an exciting fighter. I enjoy both his and his brother's fights, but this whole…I'm a Stockton bad-ass, I'm going to come forward while trash talking you….doesn't and won't mean anything to guys like GSP (Henderson @ 155) and the other big, ugly wrestlers @ 170. You know this in your MMA bones, man. 170 is a wrestling heavy / focused division. It's been ruled by a wrestlers and it will continue to be ruled by wrestlers, GSP or no GSP. And the only guy in the division who might change that is Demian Maia, not Nick Diaz.

          Talk to me @ the end of the year as to whether or not I was right.

          • @MMAtruth….I agree that GSP hands down is a big favourite to win..However its MMA and anything can happen. Koscheck had his chance against GSP and got completely smashed. But Diaz is a different fighter, He has good cardio, can punch for days, solid jujitsu game. As for hendricks its hard to say how Nick would go against these fighters. Nick has faced knock out power many times before and has come out victorious. Maia is definetly an interesting guy in a lower weight class but still needs to prove himself there. Time will tell as to what happens. As for being a stockton bad ass, he has had plenty of scraps outside the cage, hospitals, streets, mayhem miller. i say bring the trash talking in the cage. Its fun to see Diaz taunt his opponents.

          • @ Enjoy

            Yeah, I'm still not buying it. What Nick has done in other promotions, his record prior to now, means nothing to me. As it means nothing to Dana. What counts now, is what he does in The UFC – now. Not what he has done in the past. His record is rife with victories over guys that either couldn't make it into The UFC or guys that got cut from The UFC. The problem is now, that he's in The UFC and fighting fighters in the 170 division of The UFC. Quoting Metallica…nothing else matters.

            His record on the streets, hospitals, bars etc. means even less.

            I stick by my original prediction. By the end of this year, it will be Nick Diaz "who" in the 170 division.

          • MMATruth….. never told no lie

          • @MMATruth. GSP asked for this fight from Dana so he is motivated like crazy to put on a beating… However, I think we are going to see a very fired up Diaz. These guys hate eachother and sparks are already flying. Nick is definetly going to give GSp problems. We know what GSp will do, come in looking for a double, some point scoring from top position. the good thing about this fight is that it will go a full five rounds. I want to see this fight more than a GSp vs ellenberger or hendricks because after all they were suppose to fight and it got cancelled.

          • @ Enjoy

            I am aware that The Champ asked for the fight and I too, wish to see it. I also, would like to see it more than a Hendricks fight (right now) and for all the reasons you stated. However, I do not think this fight will go the distance. And to be honest, I think this is the first fight in a long time, where GSP fans will be able to sit back and just enjoy the fight, not worrying about a loss. If Rush was fighting Hendricks, I don't think GSP fans would feel relaxed. I see this as an immensely easy fight for The Champ. The closest thing to a night off or a free-be, that you can get.

            I will keep repeating the mantra, Nick will not be able to deal with the magnitude of The UFC's 170 wrestling heavy division. I believe that GSP will lay a beating on him and it's going to be personal or at least as personal as GSP gets. And I, for one, am looking forward to the watching the beating.

          • @MMAtruth….Its good that you are not sitting on the fence when it comes to your predictions with Diaz. If I was betting on the fight, my gut would tell me to run with GSP. i feel sorry for hendricks though. Hendricks has been completely robbed of a deserved title shot with a 14:1 record. With his wrestling he may very well be a bigger threat than Diaz as you pointed out. Time will tell

          • @ Enjoy

            You are a wise and thoughtful MMA prognosticator. And don't feel sorry for Hendricks until after the fight. You and I both know that nothing is written in stone. Hendricks may still, yet, prove to be the opponent GSP faces in March. One injury, a failed drug test, his un-willingness to participate in or show up to pressers, could well result Diaz being scrapped in favor of Johnny.

            We shall see my intelligent friend. We shall see. No matter what, we should see an entertaining fight. Regardless, as a GSP fan I shall tell you, I fear Hendricks more and see him as much, much, more a threat to The Champs belt than the Stockton bad-ass. It's not even close, IMO.

  • Nick has to be the least professional fighter in the ufc.

    • One thing about Nick Diaz is the guy trains like a professional….He has just let himself down with the promotional requirements and failing to keep off the bong before fights.

    • @Highkick 12 – That's no accident. Nick enjoys his bad boy image and in fact works to foster it.

  • Don't be scared homie.

  • Dana let em help you out bro, you just have to speak his language.

    Nicdizzle, answer your f***ing text bishhh. What the f***k, y u being suck B**ch. Hurry the F**ck up . Dana, your welcome.

    • lol someone should do a spoof of Ariel interviewing the Diaz bros lol

    • @Def_tac – best post of the thread. Thanks,

  • Once again Diaz shows that while he wants the fight, he isn't doing everything in his power to keep in the fight and make it certain.

    Johnny Hendricks would be the one saying Dana isn't replying from all the texts and phonecalls he is constantly giving him.

    • What is he not doing? Calling to chat with Dana White? Do you call your boss everyday? Hes done his part by signing the contract. There havent been any mandatory press conferences or media appearances. If he doesnt show up then say that. Dana himself says he doesnt have to talk to him.

      • No body is asking him to call Dana every day. He has contractual obligations. If Dana is calling to tell him where and when the pressor will be Nick needs to know that. Or "Nick, Fox wants to do a piece with you – are you up for it?"

        @Jhis, don't try to pay dumb as Nick – you know Nick needs to….Hey wait a minute – Jhis is Nick Dias!!

  • Dana is no dummy. First, he plays up the dramatic, rebellious nature of Diaz. No one can control him.

    But he's set it up so, if Nick screws up, he can bring another fighter. He'll surf on the extra media attention Diaz attracts, even if someone else ends up fighting GSP.

  • Put Hendrix and Nate Diaz fight for the #1 contender.

  • Nate and Hendricks? Nate just fought 4 the 155 title n lost.why n the world would the ufc let him fight for the #1 contender spot @ 170? Are you just blowing smoke out ya ass trying to look cool?

  • How the hell can anyone say that any of the fighters in the pack are overrated.Let's start with Nick Diaz first.Nick is a very skilled striker and has one of the sickest bjj of all of the U.F.C.You never hear anyone that has paid to watch Nick fight want their money back.He will fight anyone at anytime.Even a freakin bearNick is very dangerous!GSP obviously is a better all around fighter.Lets face it.Especially his wrestling and athletisism.GSP is GSP.One of the greatest ever,but Nick can shock the world and has the ability to do so against George.But getting back to saying he is overrated is completely ignorant!It tells me that you really don't know anything about MMA or you love getting tea bagged by your favorite fighters.