Dana White’s UFC 158 pre-fight media scrum


Thursday’s UFC 158 pre-fight press conference was definitely anything but run of the mill.

Georges St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz started out as a fight that originally had most fans scratching their heads, then through primetime video’s and whisperings of absences and drama it slowly grew into a compelling matchup, and then finally in a span of a few days, it has blown up and quickly become one of the most hyped, anticipated, bad blood fuelled events in recent UFC history.

With how shocking and action packed the press conference was, one can only assume that the UFC presidents media scrum would be equally as interesting, which is why it happens to be one of the longest of all time. If you’d like to hear what Dana had to say regarding the presser, check out the video below.

  • Even though he has as many haters as Anderson I think Dana is a great ufc president.

    • cant tell if Daiz does what he does to try and get booted from the fight he hasnt did it in any other fight last time it did get him booted from the fight i mean is it him trying to find a way out an be able to blame it on Dana and the UFC cause all these times he is missing interviews and talking **** Ive been worried and Dana talking about Dodging interviews cause he knows Nick would not show that way he isnt in a position to have to do something…. or is he just a giant DOUCHE reminising on how great he use to be and everyone uses him and are
      out to get him and to say that you will win and beat him is disrespect and Nick
      will beat the chit out of anyone who disrespects him especially if they say the might beat him in a fight……over doing weed can cuase brain problems very rare but can have long lasting effects in some patiants

    • @highkick….Dana is a great promotor, but can you imagine what Dana will be like if he ever gets to Bob Arums age and is still promoting fights ?

      I suspect there is an exit plan within ten years for uncle Dana. I don't think he will stick around as president once the sport has penetrated all markets.

  • Dana is not the MMA, period.

    • nobody said that

      • …Not bashing anybody here. Yeah, of course, nobody said that. Sometimes Dana is acting like it… MMA is the story of struggle, success of every fighter devoted to the sport. That's how a fan like me respect and appreciate the sport.

  • What happened to the relationship of Dana and Ariel? Weren't they like buddies a year ago or something? Ariel isn't my favourit reporter, but why is Dana pounding so much on him the last time? In my opinion it was clear what Ariel wanted to know, there was no need to act like a total moron…
    Has anybody an info on that?

    • think Dana just gets annoyed at him sometimes but Ariel will always be his go to reporter

    • Dana was defending Nick so he wouldnt have to deal with the bullshit Nick showed up lets talk about the fight. Nick dosnt want to talk about where he was prior.

  • lol. Ariel got it once again from Dana!

  • hooooooooly crap. Looked for this last night and couldn't find it and then it pops up here today, and it's an HOUR!!

    Happy time (not that happy time)

  • "Georges St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz started out as a fight that originally had most fans scratching their heads"….only you Bryan, GSP was pissed before when Diaz called him out, GSP asked for the fight…. I get it, I understand. Maybe you need some dandruff shampoo.

    • Are you delusional? The consensus #1 contender after Carlos Condit was Johny Hendricks. Everyone was expecting either Hendricks or a Anderson/GSP super fight.

      When GSP asked for Diaz, a fighter who lost and was still under suspension, it came out of left field. So whether you were scratching your balls, you back or you head… You'd have to be a wack job not to be a little confused like everyone else was.

      I'm not sure how that doesn't make sense to you… Some of you guys on this site really need to read and think before you post man. Jesus.

      • No Im not delusional, but you are bias as h3ll. You dont have to resort to calling names, it shows lack of intelligence.

      • 2ndly MANY people wanted to see them fight and it's awesome that they will. Since you like calling me "delusional" and a "whackjob" I'll keep it short and call you a "bias cry baby bich."

        • Wow you're sensitive eh? Good job staying on topic. I was talking about the fight and now you're talking about name calling.

          You win in the intelligence department lol.

          • Never seen such a jerk as staff here. Anton was ten times the man you are.