Dana White’s UFC 157 Media Scrum: I did not cut Jon Fitch because I don’t like him


UFC President Dana White appears in his pre-fight scrum for this week’s groundbreaking UFC 157 event. Of course, he steps up to address the huge impact of the cutting of 16 fighters yesterday including longtime Welterweight contender Jon Fitch. He notes that it is ridiculous to believe that he would cut Fitch just because he dislikes him, and notes his notorious feud with Tito Ortiz as an example.

Jon Fitch, he said, doesn’t fight for a small price, so there was a level of excellence he needed to maintain. The President admitted that the UFC is about 100 fighters too deep right now, and this was the reason for the cuts. He claims to have hated the fact that some fighters found out their dire fate via social media, before they had a chance to be called.

White also focuses on the topic of Women’s MMA, which will take the forefront at UFC 157 in the first-ever female main event. Women’s champ Ronda Rousey rides a huge wave of momentum into her bout with Liz Carmouche, the UFC‘s first openly gay fighter. This has no bearing on a fighter’s perception in the UFC, and this stance will not change according to White.  

  • I believe him, it's not like his personal bias has a history of effecting fair treatment of fighters or anything.

    • Dana White is so unfair, i think jon fitch has a good record in the ufc to be cut.

  • Bullshit!

    • In Fitch defense, watching his fight is easier on the liver than taking Advil PM or other sleep aids.

      • sleeping aids? I thought you had to be with a hoe. Dayum, now Im staying awake all night 8P

  • Of course, Dana.

    • dana should join the fighting in the ufc, not the talking like vice mcmahon.

  • Well if you cut Jon Fitch on his skill level and record, NOT because of personal reasons…. big mistake.

  • so he's saying its because fitch doesn't fight for small money..
    how many other guys with a household name and a record like him will fight for 66k..

  • Uh… let me get this straight. He cut John Fitch- the guy who OWNED Eric Silva (and all his "next big thing" hype) and made it look like Pros vs Joes! OMG. Please, make a list of guys who should have been cut before Fitch. There are dozens. He's 24-5 in a stacked division! If that isn't "excellence" then I don't know what is. LAME LAME LAME.

  • If Fitch was putting fighters to sleep instead of fans he would still be in the ufc. Record and politics aside people want to be entertained and he doesnt do that.

    • This is a sport. A sport's job isn't to entertain, it's about the spirit of competition. Not about the spirit of Knockout of the Night.

      • In spirit of knockout of the night… who pays to make a show and pays for there to be a bonus? it's in spirit of competition and entertainment. The second something becomes broadcast on TV or PPV it's ALL about the money. Money comes from fans, fans pay for entertainment.

    • God I would like to put my fist on you. I would love to see how you could make me sleep. When you would understand something.

  • this guy is so full of shit. gives the dumbest excuses. lets call it what it is you keep fighters who are fan friendly. he says no body is knocking down doors to see fitch fight, GSP fights the same fucking way and people are in fact knocking down doors…dana keeps contradicting himself- 6 months ago a fighter is the shit then he says he fought nobody aka Erick Silva. the guy is so 2 faced

  • Wow – that was a lot of information.

    What I take from it:

    First, Bellator is about to become a whole lot better. With The UFC looking to cut 100 fighters, Bellator is going to be able to pick-and-choose from that pack the best, most well know and most promising. Truly, this is great news for Bellator.

    What this seems to be about, more than anything is money. A fighter like Fitch, as seen by The UFC brass, is not cost effective in terms of what they feel they are getting out of him (excitement / wins / entertainment) vs. what he's costing The Promotion. In the case of a guy like Che Mills, I guess they don't want to invest the money in a very promising prospect. Translation, vets who make too much money and aren't performing up to a standard and promising talent, are being sloughed off, because the brand has expanded too much.

    Where I can understand cutting young talent, I don't understand cutting vets. People the fans have a vested interest in. Hence the backlash, which Dana can't seem to comprehend. This was a big kick in the head to the average fan. Something no one saw coming. To the fans, the question becomes, if they can cut Fitch, who else can and will they cut? Are they going to cut guys like Rashad Evans? And if you cut Fitch, why not cut dead-wood like Forest Griffin and keep Fitch? Should they cut a points fighter like Michael Bisping? I like Bisping, but he's a stand-up version of John Fitch. Not a lot of finishes and not that exciting.

    Just how far and how deep are they about to gut The UFC roster and how many of our favorite fighters are about to get dumped? It's like the night-of-the-long-knives.

    Dana fails to appreciate that the fans reaction is just not about Fitch. It's about how it was done and what else is to come. It's also a complete failure to understand why they didn't re-negotiate with a fighter like Fitch. If he's going to end up signing with Bellator at a lesser rate, he probably would have stayed in The Promotion for a lesser rate.

    It's also the realization that fighters you like, are, at-the-end-of-the-day, treated like meat. And that's kind of what I took from Dana's comments about Fitch. There seems to be no loyalty. And on that note, listening to his words, even if Fitch were to amass a series of wins and The UFC wanted him back, I think he'd be stupid for going back. Not after listening to DW. Has his record been a little spotty lately sure. So has Chael Sonnen's. And he's fighting for every title they can throw at him. Has he has some un-inspiring fights, yes. So has Anderson Silva.

    And listening to him go on about Che Mills. I was impressed with Mills in his loss. He showed great improvement in his TDD and his ability to get back up, once taken down. Cut him to go and improve somewhere else, but give the guy some credit man, for the improvements he's made and the talent he has. And he is talented.

    Overall, I was very disappointed with Dana's comments. At one point I thought he was about to have a stroke trying to defend it all. This is a bad PR move and in the long-term a bad business move.

    Once again, Bellator wins. Look for more and more of your favorite and now former, UFC fighters to be fighting for "free" on Spike.

    • @MMA Truth……..I would have liked to have seen Fitch fight again because he deserves the opportunity to redeem himself from the loss.

      Dana's mum has come out and exposed Dana so that says alot….and fighters have commented that if you have a bad fight Dana will pretty much ignore you backstage after the fight while he praises other fighters around.

      It doesn't surprise me that the UFC have done this on twitter. F1-11 dump and burn.

    • Bellator doing amazing job and still improving. Not so many years before it was small organization. But now… I think this organization can kill UFC in a future, or be at the same level.
      And I think bellator have perfect title shots with tournaments.

  • Fitch was simply getting paid more than what his draw worth is at the moment. Its a bussiness and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Its all about the money. Look at Brock or this Ronda circus. If you don't like it do something about it.

    • Hey now Boner, your making too much sense. 8))

  • Anyone else notice Dana loosening his shirt collar buttons when the media started asking him questions about gays, and then turn around and say he has no problem with them….LOL

    Then he compares the UFC to the NFL at the beginning when he's talking about Fitch, but then says the UFC isn't like any other sport and can only be compared to Boxing towards the end of the interview.

  • Joe Silva forgot to cut himself

  • "The guy's never won a f*cking title in his life"

    And if you recall, Royce Gracie never won a UFC title.

  • All you need to do is look at Rick Story still in and Fitch is out to know it is not based on performance and wins. Just Money and personal.

  • I find it so strange how Dana in different words say that Fitch got cut because of how he fights but when asked directly if that was the main reason he says no and counters by saying that he got cut because of the way he fights in other words. I hate this kind of political nonsense, just say what you mean.

  • expansion, expansion, expansion…..while the core grows rotten.
    It's like the Roman empire all over again 😉