Dana White’s UFC 155 Vlog: Joe Lauzon Special


It’s fight week blog week, as UFC President Dana White officially kickstarts the last Ultimate Fighting Championship event in 2012. UFC 155 is headlined by the Heavyweight title collision between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos, also featuring Joe Lauzon’s fight with Jim Miller. Lauzon is the main character in this vlog, introducing his unique method to cut weight and get in shape for a fight.

  • Very cool….but even at white belt he should be able to defend a bit better…..but cool anyway.

    • I don't fully agree, a belt is not necessarily an accurate indication of a persons grappling defense or offense. Especially a white belt. It's a blank slate. BJ Penn at white belt and Nick the tooth at White belt are drastically different.

      It's dependent on the persons drive, work ethic and ability to learn/apply things quickly.

      I train casually at Xtreme Couture Toronto, I've rolled with Mark Bocek, Mark Homminick and the other pro fighters . I've told them not to take it easy on me, and although I have a few years experience, I have no belt of any kind. I managed to last longer than Nick the tooth, but not by much.

      A white belt should not be able to defend themselves as easily as you think… Like Joe mentioned at the end. He's a professional fighter. If you ever roll with a Pro Fighter, you'll quickly realize how good they truly are. The best comparison I can make is… It feels as if you are facing an anaconda made out of iron. They give you NO space or time to breath or think, and they instantly take advantage of ANY mistake that you make.

      They're trained to be one step ahead and that's the difference. Their fight IQ is way higher and their instincts are way faster than yours. It's quiet depressing and will shatter your ego. So I don't suggest you try it lol.

  • Dammit, even though it was on a white belt Joe just looks so slick on the ground.

    he seriously has one of the best MMA suited jits games in MMA

  • Joe Lauzon has no decision wins and only one decision loss in 29 fights, should at least be mentioned in the Ultimate Finishers debate.

    • @ Dropkick….Joe has 11 postfight bonuses in the UFC. Crazy stats.

  • Making more in a few mins grappling Dana's crackhead looking friend than some UFC fighters will for a professional fight. Just in case 11 bonuses wasn't enough.

  • All i Know is thats a badass hoodie Dana is wearing.