Dana White’s Post UFC 155 Media Scrum


Dana White appears to address a ton of topics post UFC 155, and let’s just say they are relevant heading into 2013. What will the UFC do to keep the sport evolving into the next year?

  • If Barnett wins his last SF fight, i say Barnett vs. JDS fight must happen!
    Pat Barry vs. Tod Duffee would be another fun matchup!

    • Barnett's first UFC fight should be against the winner of Big Nog V Werdum or, if BF somehow manages to beat Overeem he could fight BF. If not one of those Frank Mir would also be a good first fight. He definitely deserves a top ten guy. After last night JDS should go back to the end of the line. He will work his way up pretty quickly but he should start with a fight against a mid tier guy. Pat Barry V Todd Duffy would be a great fight though.

      • if you look at it, JDS already beat most of the top guys including nelson, struve, carwin, mir, werdum… he is not fighting nogueira and probably big foot (not sure about him)…
        so who else is there browne, miocic, mittrione, kongo?
        i say he needs and wants a big fight, and he will get it with barnett.

        • After getting owned like that he needs a fight to get his head straight. It doesn't always happen but very often when a fighter has walked through the majority of his opponents, a fight like that can get in their head.

  • best years of mma.

  • Dana seems pretty confident that a 20th UFC anniversary event will be held in New York in 2013. I wonder if Dana has big plans in 2013 for a fighters union to be established, similar to the culinary union? Fertitas and Zuffa love unions !

  • Dana, Cain didn't get the take downs due to striking dominance, he dominated the striking due to TD dominance. Cain's striking is no where near JDS in and of itself.

    • what fight were you watching…I'm curious.

    • He is right fenomx many times the inferior striker best the better striker due to the threat of takedowns

  • I am so tired of hearing about super-fights that never materialize. I personally don't think the GSP / Silva fight will ever happen. Anderson doesn't seem to be serious about hitting 170, GSP isn't interested in a catch-wight and who knows, if ever, that Rush will make the move to 185. I don't think Silva is at all interested in putting his record / legacy on the line in a fight with Jones.

    This is all just more of the same-old, same-old, from Dana. And where I used to listen to it, buy into it and hope for it, I no long do. It's all just a bunch of hot air. Dana spouting off about things that, apparently, he "can't" make happen.

    Dana, just do us all a favor and simply worry about putting Anderson back in the ring @ 185. Hopefully in 2013. That is, if the prima donna is up for it. If not, could we please have an interim championship bout, while we wait on Anderson to pick and choose, his fights, fighters, division, time table and whatever else he may choose to negotiate or stipulate to. For The UFC and the 185 division are nothing compared to his highness and his whims and fancies.

    • gsp sucks

    • I agree. I don't give a shit about champs vs champs. We have a divisions and they are awesome.