Dana White’s Post-Fight Scrum: Aldo refuses to fight Pettis


UFC President Dana White answered on a barrage of questions from the media, and gave out some headlines of his own. In addition to discussing the fights that took place inside the Octagon at last night’s UFC 157, White also revealed that he’s currently locking horns with Jose Aldo and his management over the upcoming Featherweight title encounter with Anthony Pettis. According to White, Aldo refuses to fight Anthony Pettis because he thinks “Showtime” doesn’t deserve his title shot. White declared that regardless of what Jose Aldo wants or thinks, this fight will happen, or there will be some negative consequences.

  • I never believe a word that comes out of this dictator's mouth. #babyhitler.

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      • I like the fight, but the fight that makes the most sense is a Henderson/Pettis rematch.

  • I told you he was the Saddam Hussein of MMA.

  • So Edgar was deserving, but Aldo believes Pettis isn't. Yes, Edgar was is a former champ but he was also coming off two consecutive losses (albeit both close).

    Maybe this is a negotiating tactic, and if it is, cheers to you (and your management) Aldo. Only certain times in a MMA fighter's career does he have a bit of control inside the UFC. Way to wield it.

    • Dana's been on a power trip lately it seems. He needs to lay off the steroids.

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  • Ya so basically this is what Dana is saying, Aldo is asking for more money as he and we both know that this fight will bring in a lot of ppv buys and viewers, and we the UFC do not want to give him what he deserves and are pretty much telling him to bad you do what we want. True Story lol
    BTW Aldo will compete against anyone but i do believe Pettis has earned his shot tho

  • cyborg has almost 10.000 more followers then liz carmouche… what is that little angry man talking?

  • Cl***ic..Champion doesn't want to fight a top contender because he's scared he will lose the belt..just like Dana didn't want Hendo to fight Anderson again because he was scared he would have lost the belt. Put up Aldo or shut up. Defend against all contenders of lose the belt.

    • WTF??? The dude just fought Edgar FFS, probably the biggest threat to the belt he's ever faced.

  • Oh well. Pettis is sitting on two ***le shots, if Aldo says no then what's the problem?

  • Edgar is one the second best lightweights ever and had a legendary ***le reign.
    Pettis has never touched UFC gold and lost to Guida dominantly, who is ranked #10 at FW.
    Frankie was also ranked universally top 10 P4P and even top 5 by some.

    No way Frankie was beat by Bendo but if you want to go by official stats, Pettis isn't even #1 contender at lightweight…

    This is why I agree with Aldo in Pettis not deserving the shot.

    • I OBJECT! Haha no but seriously. I have to disagree with the "lost to Guida dominantly." A lot of people think Pettis won and it was definitely close. Pettis was waaaaay busier even it was from the bottom. Guida smothered him but did no damage. I know I know. Some people like that style and thinks it deserves it's credit but Pettis was putting Guida in danger with submission attempts and stayed active. But….. who really cares about who's "deserving." I could rant about that all day when it comes to the UFC.

      • @japa***** yea I actually forgot it was a little controversial but stll it was very unimpressive on either side, especially with the hype Pettis was carrying.

        • Oh what's that buddy, Pettis has a win over Henderson something Franky Edgar couldn't do in 2 attempts. GTFO you **** riding moron. Legendary ***le run for Franky? get a ****in clue you retard. 2 ***le defences and a draw is legendary? Anderson Silva must of reached the status of GOD in your mind.

          • Oh and what the **** does Lamas have to do with anything. I was simply explaining why Pettis could be deserving. I wasn't arguing that Lamas wasn't deserving you presumptuous loser.

    • Hey Keith what about Pettis holding a win over the current lightweight champion Benson Henderson? What part of your retarded one sided bias statement made you forget about that?

    • Pettis has 3 wins in a row at lightweight including 2 straight first round knockouts of Joe Lauzon and Donald Cerrone. Did you even think before you posted that ridiculous comment.

      • Lamas is on a 4 fight streak and 3 finishes within that, over two #1 contenders and another guy who is top 5 right now.

        Think about that?

      • @ripstic Urijah has a win over Dominick Cruz, should he fight Mighty Mouse then?

  • Aldo—-the new Anderson Silva….its a process

  • I don't see the problem. He's not some guy looking to switch divisions, because his career is going badly. If it were not for Melendez coming into The UFC, he'd be Bendo's next fight. He also has a win over The 155 Champ. He's on a three fight win streak, with a better than 80% finish rate. He's looked great and impressive, in his last two fights. He would easily be a top ranked fighter in the smaller division.

    To suggest or even hint, at Pettis not being deserving, worthy or having earned it, I think is a little odd. Also, Champs aren't supposed to pick fights, fights are supposed to be picked with them. Pettis is picking a fight with Aldo and he has the qualifications and resume to sustain the argument. No one other than Aldo seems to have questioned it.

    However, as Evan posted earlier on the thread, it could just (all) be posturing on Aldo's behalf, in terms of contract negotiations. Who knows?

    Either way, as White said, the fight will happen. So, that's all that really matters. Pettis is a solid challenge for Aldo. It will be a great fight.

    Funny, we never hear of these kinds of issues over @ Bellator.

    • @MMATruth… if Chael gets a shot at light heavyweight, then Pettis definetly shouldn't be overlooked.

  • Yeah I think he is just trying to negotiate, I don't want to see this fight happening just because I believe Pettis will become the lw champion soon and if he loses to Aldo he might lose the opportunity to fight Bendo/Melendez, however I think he is the best challenge for Aldo right now, and Lamas should get the next shot at the ***le. I am a fan of both of these guys if the fights happens I will be heartbroken with any outcome as I think they both deserve to be champions but this fight is going to be epic if it happens.

  • in the UFC–you sign a contract and the deal is for x number of fights.

    For those fights–you get what you negotiated. You can try to negotiate for more money, but the UFC is not obligated to pay you any more–and you are legally obligated to fight or retire. A champions clause further ties up a fighter.

    So when Dana said Aldo would fight–he's basically saying Aldo has no choice in the matter.

    Aldo hasn't got much of a case. Pettis is the former WEC champ, and he is the number one contender for the LW ***le. Gilbert Melendez may have jumped in front of Pettis, but Pettis is a very worthy opponent for the FW champ–so Aldo cannot claim that Pettis does not deserve the shot or that he has not paid his dues.

    The Korean Zombie and Ricardo Lamas both have good cases to be the number one contender, but the Pettis vs. Aldo fight can be made soon, and Lamas or Zombie can take the winner.

    This is not the same as two time loser Chael Sonnen at MW getting a LHW ***le shot.

    Pettis would probably be fighting for the LW ***le next if not for Melendez jumping line. Not only is Pettis deserving of a shot at LW or FW–but a fight between Aldo and Pettis is very intriguing. Both are amazing strikers–and this fight promises to be a technical masterpiece.

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