Dana White: People In MMA Are 100 hundred Percent Better Than In Boxing


In an interview segment previewing The Voice vs. Dana White from HD Net Fights, UFC President Dana White appears to give his take on the quality of people in MMA versus the quality of people in MMA. White believes that the warrior spirit of mixed martial artists makes them more honorable than boxing, where thugs can be found.

He states this is the reason why he does not release the total amounts of what his fighters truly make to the public. More outspoken words from Dana, and it looks like this interview series with Michael “The Voice” Schiavello should be a good one.


  • bullshit!

    its just saying like " people in NFL are better than people in NBA"

    and its bullshit!

    hate to haterd not people…

  • Basketball actually have the most thugs, and bullies, I was bullied in school only by basketball players, I trained wrestilng, Boxing, muai thay, now doing bjj, guys from fighting world are very good and decent human beings.

    • im basketball and mma lover, i dont bully people, the people here in lowkick are bullies, they always weak me everytime i comment, i shud quit here in lowkick, dana white is an absolute basssstard, i think he should quit he's job and continue he's ways of being a fagggooot outside the cage.

  • Who is Dana actually referring to when he says people in MMA are better than boxing? Do we think he's referring to fans, fighters or someone else? I'm not doubting that the martial arts element does promote and inspire respect to other people, and I'm not doubting that Dana has more experience here than myself… but it's a massive generalisation! I would imagine there are "good" people involved in boxing, and "bad" people involved in MMA.

  • On the whole, I think he is right.

    Basically the biggest bullies/trouble makers or just people who act hard in my town are either in boxing or close friends with people in it, while all the martial artists/mma guys seem the be the chilled out people.

    I think if you are looking at the elites it's hard to tell because half of them act bad just for promotion.

    When it comes down to it, probably not a lot of difference.

  • Words from Tyson himself "In boxing, it’s like, “The hell with you.” The fighters dislike everybody. The MMA fighters are killing each other and they’re friends!"

  • This is the most stupid comparison and stereotype. There are knobs in every sport, drug cheats in every sport.

    They focus on a handful of the most high profile guys like floyd mayweather and pretend everyone in the sport is like him.

  • People said that Don king robbed fighters (meaning they were underpaid) Holy crap, look at the high profile mma guys showing up to fight under Dana's promotiion getting $25,000 and some mystery backstage bonus

    • Well… have to disagree with you… as the contract for Eddie Alveraz shows,…

      Reported stipulations in Alvarez's UFC contract include:

      An "intent" to grant Alvarez an immediate title shot against UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson in March
      A tiered share of pay-per-view revenue, starting at "$1 for each ‘buy' between 200,000 and 400,000 buys, $2 per buy between 400,000 and 600,000 buys, and $2.50 per buy over 600,000 buys."
      A starting salary of a $70,000/$70,000 show/win split, which includes $5,000 raises per win with a cap at $210,000
      A $250,000 signing bonus
      A guaranteed booking on a UFC on FOX card
      Three "commentator" appearances on UFC-branded media
      And that doesn't take in to account sponsors/brand endorsements.

      Yes… all the fighters take on a ton of expenses… and the lower tier fighters are not making a lot of money. But, that being said, the higher you work your way up, the bigger the payouts like all the sports. Should they be paid like boxers…. well … that's another argument altogether. Don King was/is a crook… end of story and Boxing has been it's on worst enemy.

    • @enjoylife
      You should have figured out by now that the released pay figures don't tell you everything so you shouldn't read too much into it. Kombat sports will never be like team sports where average NFL and NBA players get paid millions. I think that's a good thing, yes MMA is dangerous etc etc but they shouldn't be financially rewarded for mediocrity. What I think Dana is referring too in this video is the individual nature of promoters of boxing having a negative effect on the sport. 50 cent has recently said what has surprised him most since starting his boxing promotion is how much the other promoters blatantly protect their fighters and dodge opponents. Not the mention the corruption with ''Hometown'' judging etc etc boxing in general of rotten eggs it has never attempted to get rid off.

  • I think the point that was being made, was that there are more people in MMA who have "options". Things that they can do or actually do, other than fight, from which they can derive an income. In boxing, there truly does seem to be more people that…if they weren't boxing would either be in a gang, prison or dead. I don't know how many times I've heard it. I don't know how many times I've heard boxers say…if it wasn't for this….

    I don't think the remarks are really about any one sport having better people, per se. It's more about which sport has the greatest number of athletes with (legitimate) "options", who could have done or could do, something other than their sport as a means of making a living.