Dana White One Spot Behind War Machine On GQ’s List Of Biggest Sleazebags In Sports


UFC President Dana White is not necessarily known as the most lovable guy in combat sports, in fact he is quite often under heavy criticism from fans and media. His brash attitude and often heinous language has landed White in beefs with Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, multiple media outlets, and makes him the subject of countless internet trolls.

This time around, it is magazine publication GQ taking a pop at the UFC President, as they ranked him eighth in the list of ’25 biggest sleazebags in sports’…Ouch! Take a look at what the Twitter world had to say on White’s new ranking:

Ryan Loco there posted an image from the magazine’s new list, and here is the official top 10 from MMAFighting.com:

10. Bobby Petrino
9. Lance Armstrong
8. Dana White
7. War Machine
6. Tiki Barber
5. Chad Curtis
4. Isiah Thomas
3. Sepp Blatter
2. Aaron Hernandez
1. Donald Sterling

I don’t know exactly how the rankings system works over at GQ, but I’m not sure that White deserves to be one spot behind a woman-beating psychopath like Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver. What do you think?

  • Ivy

    He fits right in with all of them.

    • Ivy

      No argument? Nobody defends White, just WEAK me? Pussies.

      • What a fucking Joke! Why the fuck would Dana be on this list? What has he done that is so sleazy?? He has great friendships and business relationships with tons of the fighters on the UFC roster, essentially saved the sport of MMA, and turned it into the fastest growing sport in the world, Dana is a good guy. He obviously has a temper and has no problem speaking whats on his mind, if someone talks shit about him its coming right back. That's a good quality to have as a person, honesty. Its better then that two faced snake Bjork Rebney!! That cock smoker should be on this list, Dana has done great things for hundreds of fighters, still fighting and retired.

  • Ya, I know he's the least significant person on this list but how on earth can you say Dana White or Donald Sterling or any of these people are worse than War Machine?

  • Oscar Pistorius didn't even make the list? I agree with JD51 – Dana is worse than War Machine? Sorry – that list has no validity with me. Shock journalism to create interest in a magazine – that's the level that journalism has gotten to these days.

    • Brucie…. one rank behind War Machine. Scale of 1 to 10— 1 being the biggest sleazebag.

      • What ever MK. The point is it is a fucked up scale if a violent rapist is next to a guy who doesn't pay well enough.

        • Zip

          Whoa! Michael said the F-word!

    • agreed! not really a Dana fan but they have him on here with Aaron Hernandez and war machine and as you said no Oscar and no Jerry Sandusky…. the list doesn't really make any sense….

  • Ivy

    They all voted for Obama too.

    WEAK away pussies.

    • O-baaaaaa baaaaaa maaaaa, O-baaaaaa-baaaaaa-maaaaa. It really is perfect isn't it?

    • Damn cop whats your problem? Did our president Mr. Obama shut down your favorite doughnut shop?

      • Ivy




    • Ivy, is that the best logical debate you can come up with? I thought you were sharper than name calling.

      • Ivy

        Sorry. I just can't stand Dana White. For a number of reasons.

  • Wait…So people still read GQ magazine?

    • Nope….. that's why they had to put Dana on that list and all of this sudden they're relevant enough for media outlets to write about!